Telling it like it is - making my own rules.

The rules for the Honest Scrap award:

A) First list 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep!

B) Pass the award on to 7 bloggers whom you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap.

I am so flattered to have received this award from Me over at An Eagles View . Sorry it took so long to to get to it. Oops.

I am trying to think of 10 things that I (or my kids) haven't shared with you... I pretty much blog about everything that comes to me.

1) I really suck at keeping up with my bloggy friends and am really late at getting this award posted.

2) The older I get the more I want to belt people who are rude to those they consider *beneath* them- food servers, wait staff, cashiers, nurses, you get the idea. I have gotten to that wonderful point in life where I could care less what they say/think about me and point out their bad behavior. Very politely, of course. ;-)

3) We once had a contest as to who could pick out the worst show on TV. Ken won with some type of survival show where the guy drank his own pee. GAG ME GROSS.

4) Johnny Depp tops the list of my freebie clause (meaning- if I ever got the chance I'd be with them and NOT be cheating) oh and John Rzeznik from the Goo Goo Dolls... followed very very closely by Adrien Paul, Hugh Laurie, and what'shisname from Burn Notice, what'shisname from NCIS and whoever else I happen to find drool-worthy at the moment.

5) I have very eclectic taste in music but I am a peasant because I just can't no matter how I try get myself to like opera or classical. But I am not a redneck because I don't like country either (well except for a very, very few crossover songs).

For the most part, I like rock, hard rock, headbanging rock. I come by it honestly- according to mama- Metallica Rules!!!.

But every now and then I get sucked in by the pop songs. Right now I am on a Pink kick. ;-)

6) I don't watch or listen to the news and actively focus on the positive. I hear about the really important things (I mean, I do know who our president is- Go, Obama)- but as long as they purposely play up the bad, the depressing, the horrific, I will keep it as much out of my life as possible.

7) If I am not going anywhere or having someone over I will often stay in my P.J.'s from shower to shower to save on doing laundry which is my nemesis.

8) I have to bribe myself to do things I don't want to- like if I do a load of laundry I can have this treat or watch this show or enter 10 contests or whatever.

9) My feet are always cold so I wear socks and slippers all the time when I am home. My favorite are the KN super soft ones.

10) If (when) I win a Mega-Lottery after splitting with mama I would donate a ton anonymously and then Ken would bank enough to live on and we'd get this place fixed up really nice (he would live here most of the time, retire from work and play pro poker). I would buy a house in Hampton (on the beach) N.H. by mama and that would be my home base. I'd buy a house in Florida for whoever wanted to go on vacation and hire my brother to make sure the maids and groundskeepers kept it nice. ;)
I would also open the coolest ever bookstore/cafe/new age shop and let my inner hippie dippy trippy chic run loose traveling and collecting really cool things to display/sell there. Oh and on my travels to Italy I would have at least a dozen pairs of shoes/boots custom made with matching bags.

Okay once more I am going to play this by my own rules (as much as I love and appreciate the recognition, I only have so much time/energy to devote to this, so I am passing this on to my 4 girls so y'all can get to know them better (and yes, they totally tell it like it is so that part is good) and Trina (my boyfriends mother).
I would award every single blogger putting themselves out there an award, so if you'd like, consider yourself nominated. :-)
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