Saying whatever!

Alright, so I haven't posted in forever. So this is going to be a post filled with whatever I happen to type!

I'm still Blondie, by the way. I'm just not blond anymore, that's all... I dyed my hair black, as you can probably see in the not-so-great Christmas picture of me. I like it, but I do miss the blond sometimes. Mom misses it more than sometimes..

So I thought I'd let you all know how amazing my Mommy is- not that you haven't figured it out by now. (Also, suck up points NEVER hurt!)

Ian spent the night last night, and when Dodo was trying to get him to sleep, I happened to walk in because she was making weird, incorrect animal noises. So I joined in, teaching the kid the proper way to Mooooooo! Which lead to extreme Little Bunny Foo Foo. Devon came in, and we started playing Monkey's rolling off of the bed... Where Dev and I would do flips off of Mommy's bed and giggle and laugh so much we couldn't breathe.

On top of that, Dodo and I watched a horror movie last night-It was an irritating one that had LOUD background music and quiet dialogue. But mommy was nice and stayed up late so that way we could finish it (It was to loud for her to sleep, but she luffffssss us! Let's hope she feels the same when we watch "The Grudge" tonight.)

And here's why my mommy's the BESTEST. Every now and then I'll get hooked on a song or a musical. This week, it's been Les Miserables and Wicked... And I always sing them loud and with power and in the voices-as best as I can. And she's been listening to me singing the same parts of the same songs for like..two weeks now. But she only complains sometimes, and even then she'll only say "Wow, you were way off." and let me continue singing. I desperatly want to see "Wicked" now, as well as read the books they're based off of. ^^ They're supposed to be different, but both very good.

Just so you all know, I LOVE having a trampoline in my living room. How on earth did I live without it for so long?! I don't know, and I don't think that I ever will.

Oh, I also loves my Hello-coppers! I totally rock at flying them... (Forget that I JUST learned how to make it stop spinning and go in the vague direction I want it to... one day, I might actually watch the DVD it came with... Don't count on it, though.)

I get a bazajillion million suck up points for this! I dib them! =P

Anyway, I'm out.

Later peeps.
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