Prayers Requested

Sorry everyone, I'll warn you ahead of time I'm having a pity party for one with plenty of whine. I try to keep things pretty upbeat but today I just can't do it and I'd like to ask if you pray or whatever to have a few good thoughts for my family.

Ken was in a wreck on his way to work- he is okay... or at least mobile and lucid. Pretty shaken up- his legs got banged and his brother is taking him to the hospital to be checked out. Don't think I am awful for not being with him, he didn't want me there.

This sounds terrible because I should be able to just be grateful that he's okay but I am cursing the fact that since he's been having a few problems with his car (transmission going out) and I didn't have errands to do I let him take mine. The whole front end is smooshed in and had to be towed here- it looks like a total loss. I'm grateful, really I am, and I know it could have been a whole lot worse but I spent a long time without a car and I am mourning the loss.

It happened right down the street and the way the car is smooshed I am pretty sure that the other lady (emt's say she is fine) was either turning from kitty-corner from almost across or barreling down the road.

Now Ken is the most conservative driver on the planet- so much so that it irritates me at times, but better safe than sorry. Unfortunately because no one saw where she had come from they are calling it a failure to yield on his part and he got the ticket. Which means since my car was older and whatnot we didn't have replacement insurance. Call me selfish if you want, but right now I am upset.

I know we'll just have to get Ken's car fixed sooner than we had planned (we were hoping that him just using it on days when I had to use mine it would last a bit longer) and it will be okay but since the ex got laid off a couple of weeks ago we didn't want to put the money into it right yet as we count on the child support payments.

Mama (my best friend and sounding board) is having her own problems right now, with money and health and needing oxygen and family things, so I can't even whine to her.

UGH THIS REALLY SUCKS! I hate being / feeling like this, I am so not a poor me why do bad things always happen type of person. I know that in the grand scheme of things we are incredibly blessed with so very many good things and I'll feel like that again in just a little bit. Right now though, it's hard.

Sorry for b*tching, and for asking for prayers, I know we'll get through this and I know mommy will be okay and Ken will be okay and the money and cars will work themselves out, but if you don't think it is too terribly selfish I would really appreciate it if you could spare a thought that we get through this with as little muss and fuss and as much grace and dignity as possible.
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