New day, new outlook.

Very rarely do I have a bad day and get into a funk that lasts more than a few minutes.
Even when things really get me down I can usually get myself out the doldrums pretty quickly. Yesterday took me a bit longer. Sorry, guys. I can blame it on being sick and running a fever or being worried about Ken (he's fine, just a broken non-weight bearing bone (fibula) in the leg, but what's the point. I had a crappy day and I let it get to me.
Woke up today with a whole new attitude and outlook and just super duper glad things weren't worse than they were.
Do any of you waste time between *tasks* on the computer with the mindless, pretty, sparkly games? I have a couple- Bejeweled and Peggle Nights. Ian calls them my boom-boom games and likes to sit on my or someone elses lap and *help*.
Well, sometime at the end of last year I won a download of Bejeweled Twist and it really puts a new spin on things. Gamer girlie I think is hooked already. Tons of fun, if you like fun puzzle games you might want to check it out.
I also won a Bejeweled Paperweight that the little geekazoid called dibs on and just loves.
Got our first win in for the year- I knew about it a couple of days before Christmas but I don't count things til they are in hand. We won a Smart-e-bear for Ian from a blog contest. This thing is so soft, so cute and the voice sounds like Calliou. Gamer girlie aka my techie guru has already programmed it to say his name.
One of the things I love most about it is that it grows with the child- you can download games and songs and so much more. The kids are especially excited about the different languages. We live in such a global world, who'da thunk it?
If you think this is something you might like for a special child in your life, Amazon was having a super sale on them last time I looked.
Kyra has decided to wait to bring the Smart-e-bear out until they have been having one of those we've been cooped up all week and nothing is going right days since the E-man has gotten so many new things for Christmas.
Oh and she is going to get me those pictures (we used her new camera to take most of the pics here since they spent a good part of the holidays with us) so y'all can see what a great and blessed Christmas we had in our Loonyverse.
Within the next few days I will try to get them up for y'all to enjoy.
Have a great day, everyone.
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