My boyfriend, my hero.

Today when I was adding the new sweeps to my lineup I came across one that I just had to enter. As I was typing it up, I realized that I have been remiss in keeping such a huge part of my life from you.
Yes, it's true, I have a boyfriend. It's okay, though, the family knows about it and approves. (No, we're not THAT wild.)
You see, my boyfriend is 9 years old and he has taught me so much I can't even begin to tell you how much this child means to me.
I came across a contest today to nominate a child to help them celebrate an achievement.
Without going into a ton of the details, I met his mother when she was struggling to come to terms with what basically amounted to a horrible prognosis/outlook for Dallas' life.
My heart ached for her and I wanted to do some small thing to tell her not to give up so I took a chance and pm-ed her- you know her as Trina if you read my blog, so you know we are as close as can be.
Every day Dallas defies every doctor and every test and every diagnoses and that boy continues to amaze us all.
Well, I could go on and on but since I had to write a short essay for the contest I'll just cut and paste and put it here-

Dallas singing Missing Pieces.

Dear readers- without further ado I give you... My boyfriend, my hero.
When I first met Dallas, his mom was frantic because he had been diagnosed with CP, autism, and other disabilities, including blindness, and was told that he would stay in a semi-vegetative state.
With determination and courage rarely seen in adults, Dallas has overcome so much that he is walking, feeding himself, singing, talking, and communicating in ways that show he understands.
Every day Dallas shows an improvement, defying the experts with dignity and grace. He’s also become quite the YouTube star, as people across the USA and even other countries are inspired by the leaps and bounds he continues to make.
Dallas is a hero and inspiration to everyone who knows him or reads his story and I am thrilled to nominate him for the Celebrate Achievement contest because I can think of no one who has achieved more in such a short time.

My fave Dallas Video. ;-)

He's a cutie, huh? Now you know how he hooked me.
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