Mommy made me!

Alright. Ten things, though I warn you now, it wont be interesting.

1)I'm short. 4'11, to be exact, and I'm already 18. I like being short though... for the most part.

2)I have abandonment issues-even though I've never been abandoned. Mom PUT ME DOWN! when she was pregnant with Devon. I've never recovered.

3)I think the way that schools are set up is pretty pointless.

4)Grandma owes me coconut pie, from over a year ago, and I haven't forgotten about it. I want my pie!!!

5)I have no problem with making myself look like a dork in public-often I can do it without even trying!

6)I'm quite possibly the pickiest eater you may ever come across. Not only do I not like most foods, I wont eat them if I'm not in the mood for them or there's something even slightly off. (Unless I'm a guest at someones house or something, in which case I eat it and lie through my teeth and say it's good.)

7)I'm not like Devon. I don't NEED Ian to watch kiddie movies. I can do it allllllllllllllllllllll on my own. Hah!

8)I get bored and lonely very easily, and so if my friends aren't on, I make Dodo game with me, or we watch a movie or something.

9)I drive everyone crazy because I'll get hooked on one song, and sing it for like a month. (Viva La Vida by Coldplay. =3 I luffs that one.)

10)"I'm genuinly self absorbed, and deeply shallowed." (Fiyero from Wicked) It really depends on my mood if I am or not. But hey, if I didn't have me, I wouldn't be able to enjoy coffee. I looooove coffee.

There you have it. My 10 things.
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