If I MUST.......

OK I guess it’s my turn *sighs* I HATE doing these things =P

1: My Boyfriend and I have maintained a trans continental relationship for nearly 5 years now. Hopefully when he finishes school this year we can do something about the distance
2: I LOOOOOOOOOVE anime and manga The Slayers is my all time fave Lina Inverse FTW
3: .I LOOOOOOOOVE gaming most types of games my faves though are RPG’s mmo’s and survival horror’s and God games
4: I play on a European server in WOW so I have friends located all over the world. And some of them read mommies blog HI DARKOWL *waves*
5: When I play mmo’s I have an alt problem ^^ I like to try a lot of race/class combos and also for roleplay purposes
6: I have a short atentio……… Oh look shiny things.
7: I have the bestest mommy in the Looney verse universe and any other verses out there
8: I Like writing….err well I like thinking up story ideas I usually am to lazy to actually write them down.
9: The most important people in my life my self included have an addiction to diet coke even my boyfriend YAY though he calls it coke lite.
10: I HAVE the BEST family that ever was!!

Gamer girlie out.
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