I'm sparkly- Belated holiday photos.

So much going on here- As you can see, I finally got an awesome new look for my blog. Amanda from Made by Amanda made my header and button. I think she did an awesome job. Sparkly is so *us* don'tcha think?

You really need to check out what she's done, especially if you are considering a change. I'll carry her button on my sidebar so you'll be able to hop on over when you are ready for a new look.

Thanks, Amanda. I can't tell you how happy this makes the little divas and I.

Had an ER visit this week- luckily caught it this time before a transfusion was necessary, hopefully the docs will be able to get it under control without more blood being necessary. The ER doc said it was getting close, so I will do everything they tell me.

I thank God for all the wonder- drugs they give me to get things under control, not the least of which was morphine this time. LOL Actually I do not like how it makes me feel, but I get so sore, my ribs still feel bruised from being so sick and I went in on Wednesday.

Things happen and I get delayed- here, finally are some of our holiday photos. The others are on a different camera. We will probably eventually get them on here. ;-)

Kyra got an awesome new camera as an early Christmas present- I think she did a great job.

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