GeekyMommy's ten

I'm going to challenge myself NOT to make these all about Ian... no promises though =P

1. I'm an insomniac, always have been, and its NOT because of all the coffee I drink. Really. I used to be able to tell by mid-day when I couldn't sleep and I'd tell mom and she'd help me find a new book or awesome recipe to try. Thats when I did most of my candy-making, I think.

2. I all but live at a local coffee shop, its the wonderful little place but the owners are kind of (completely) awful. I want to take over.

3. I am the first and only person to order my drink with four shots of espresso. I've also tried all the flavors and had to make up my own.

4. I am at war with housework... so far we are at a standstill. Ian is not on my side most days.

5. I want to own the cafe/bookstore/etc with my mommy, and help travel the world to find fun stuff.

6. I have always wanted to go to india and ride an elephant. These events may or may not be related. I also want to go to Japan, Italy, China, any/everywhere tropical... yeah, the whole world would be nice.

7. When I was little grandma had a yellow thermos with hot air balloons on it just for me, to hold my water when I slept over. I would lay in my sleepy bag and just stare at it pretending to fly in the balloons. I really want to fly in one... never have... but I will!

8. I am going to own the first restaurant in space. I decided this many years ago. I'll let the universe decide how it will happen.

9. Ian is too smart for me, and probably will be smarter then me by the time he's 5. He already counts to six and recognizes some written words (like the name of his favorite train). I am trying to learn new stuff just to teach him.

10. My biggest goal is to be as awesome a mommy as my mommy. I try. Ian and I play, have fun, make tents, he helps me cook... hopefully he'll think I'm awesome when he grows up!

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