Broken-hearted Blondie.

Yes, she died her hair black, but she'll always be blondie to me- especially on the inside. ;-)
So, who had the nerve to break the mini diva's heart, you ask?
Some jerky guy? Nope
Some jerky girl? Nope
Some jerky alien life force? Nope, Nope, Nope.
We are saying it is because it's been so long since Ken bought her a new belly ring, but that's just so he feels bad and gets her a new one- and the littlest diva a new one as well so he doesn't break her heart too.
Truth is though, we guess her organs just started rebelling.
She's been wicked tired lately, so we took her to the doc and found out her heart is beating double time (nope, not from the caffeine).
He sent her to a cardiologist and turns out that one of her valves is too thick so they have her on the meds her regular doc gave her til they run out then will put her on another kind.
She goes back in April to get a heart moniter.
Heads will roll if she has to wear it to prom.
She is not a happy camper, but better we found this all out and can do what we need to now before she had a heart attack or something.
Poor little broken hearted diva, she's only 18. As she says, that's for old people mommy and I am not old, I'll never be old, I'm way too immature.
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