Much to be Thankful for.


Happy Thanksgiving family and friends.
I find myself with so very much to be thankful and grateful for I could be writing all night so I'll just list a few.

Family and friends, of course, and the fact that we are all (relatively) healthy and happy.
Ken has a good job with benefits when so many do not.

Electricity and indoor plumbing.
I live in a time when I can be connected to so many others all around this wonderful world of ours.
Plenty of food to eat
Warm fuzzy socks.
Washer and Dryer (although I admit I'd like to have someone else tackle laundry mountain now and then).
Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.
And... the play is over- the pics didn't come out so great, but Casey as Hero is the tiny little blonde in blue and this is Devon as the Messenger with the brunette ponytail on the bench in brown.
The kids did a fabulous job, as did Ms Webber, the director. All of the hard work and dedication of cast and crew paid off.
Etc. etc. etc...
Whether or not you are American and celebrate our Thanksgiving or not, I'm sure if you take a moment to reflect you will find this is the case for you as well.

I wish you all a fraction of my blessings and you will be/feel very rich indeed.
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The Twilight movie

I was, quite honestly, expecting the Twilight movie to fail. Hardcore.
The clips that I'd seen didn't look great. I didn't care for the actors at all. My friends had conversations on how horrible it was going to be--and how we couldn't wait to see it.

So we pre-ordered our tickets and got to the theater at 10PM on Thursday, two hours before it was set to start. We went to the bathroom and sprayed our hair fun colors then found our seats (I'm not sure why we colored our hair to go sit in a dark theater, but it was lots of fun).
A few minutes before the movie started, a woman came in and announced that if anyone screamed, they would be removed, and that we should get all of our screaming out after the movie. My friends and I rolled our eyes--who would scream for actors like Robert Pattinson?

The beginning started out a little rushed. What took months in the book seemed to span out over just a couple of days. Bella did a little more narration than I liked--though I see where it was necessary. The only similarities between book and movie seemed to be the names and basic plot.

And yet... I enjoyed it a lot. Once I looked past between the book/movie comparisons, it wasn't a bad movie. I was fully expecting the actors to totally fail, but they pulled it off quite well. I didn't like the actor they got for Rosalie before I saw the movie, but she did a very good job.
I won't spoil the movie, but I'll say that the one part that I completely loathed was the meadow scene. The part about the sun wasn't pleasant at all. But Renee's involvement in the movie--more so than in the book--almost made up for it. I liked her character a lot.

Overall? Seven or eight stars out of ten.

Also--it's been announced that they're definitely doing New Moon. I know that I'll be at the midnight release of that too.

Note: If you have to go to school the next day, it's unwise to stay up all night and drink Monster energy drinks, which I've discovered give me a wicked bad headache--I much prefer Amp. You won't be tired with the Monster, but you'll crash and burn later. I was in the play that day, so I had to stay up much longer than my other friends. Still, it was so worth it--a couple of my friends who are relatively soft-spoken were belting out bad music and attempting screamo with the rest of us on the way home... and one of my friends recorded it. Good times.
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Welcome SITStas

Welcome, SITStas. I'm honored to be the featured blog today over at The Secret Is In The Sauce.
Thanks Heather and Tiffany.
For those of you who don't know, Heather and Tiffany started SITS for all of us comment ho's... if you have a blog you will for sure want to sign up so you can spread and receive the comment love for yourselves.
Ooh, and if you haven't already, check out Saucy Eats, the SITS Girls recipe site. Very inspiring and fun... and you don't gain weight just looking... well maybe a few of the recipes but totally worth it.
I had planned on having tons of time to come up with this super awesome, creative, humorous post so y'all would know how fabulous I am but things have been crazy busy here with the little diva's.
Tonight was opening night and OMG all day the drama teacher and Blondie were frantic because mini-diva LOST HER VOICE and has a wicked sore throat. Tons of tea and honey and various lozenges helped enough that she was able to project so well she was louder than many of the other actors. The littlest diva covered when one of the main characters (Beatrice) forgot a few lines and was commended for her quick thinking.
The cast did a really good job, but cast, crew and parents are all exhausted. 3 more nights and I should catch back up to life as it usually is and especially all of my favorite blogs.
Tonight, of course, will be even more fun as while I am sure none of you know a thing about this- play, cast party, midnight release WOOFREAKIN'HOO can we say finally?
Anyhoozles, grab your favorite drink, put up your feet and enjoy our little corner of the Loonyverse.
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Looking forward

I have been out of sorts lately and I think I have figured it out.
Okay, bear with me.
I might be a mama hen, but I like my (not so) little family around me. It's not like they never get to do anything, but with the rehearsals and everything else going on in their lives, we just don't seem to have any time together except in passing.
We haven't even watched Broters & Sisters yet (thank God for DVR) and we watch religiously.
It seems like our lives are being lived in passing any more- I'm running here, they are going there.
I'm thrilled for the experience they got of being in the play, and naturally we'll sign up for the next thing they are wanting, but I will enjoy every minute of our time together until it starts.
I love and am so very grateful that in addition to loving them I really like my girls as well.
Each one of them is delightful, intelligent, compassionate and a joy to be around.
So very different from each other, yet in the core values so very much the same.
Many people I know are now starting to stress about the holidays and how they will get everything done, me, I am looking forward to the time we will have for and with each other- baking and candy making, shopping and wrapping, the tv specials and the movies, the hot chocolate and carols.
Right now I am feeling so very blessed that I am going to give thanks for my many many blessings.
My wish for you all, dear friends and family, is that you are a fraction as blessed as I am- if so, you are rich indeed.
Oh,even though it is illegal to do so in our home until after Thanksgiving, I've put the tree up in Our Loonyverse, cute, huh? I am so grateful for all the talented designers and coders and widget makers. :D
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Quickie update

Had a mostly quiet weekend, which is good because the little diva's are pretty exhausted from rehearsals (can we say OMG I cannot wait for this play to be over) and whatnot and the rest of us have just been blah.
Kyra and her little family went to Nebraska to the Anime Convention and unfortunately the most exciting part as of yesterday afternoon was that her husband somehow managed to need 15 stitches. I know, right, who gets their face gashed at a convention, but Aaron somehow found a way.
2 hours from the time it happened til they left the er, though, so if you do have an emergency apparently Lincoln, NE is not a bad place for waiting. ;)
Gearing up for the holidays, deciding on what we will bring up to Ken's mom's, etc... we'll be making at least one new thing, we do every year I am physically able.
I can hardly believe Ian will be 2 on the 24th... the theme of his B-day will be Wall-E, I think Kyra is going to try to design his cake herself, we'll have to see if she has the time and energy.
I've still got things to do today, so I'll update more later.
Hope everyone has a wonderful, wonder-filled week. :)
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The best water bottle ever

Awhile back, mom won me a KOR One hydration vessel. I'm madly in love with it.
Yeah, it's just a water bottle, right? Holds water. You drink from it. And maybe it looks cool, but it's no big deal, right?

This thing is the coolest water bottle (ahem, hydration vessel) ever. It's oval-y instead of circular, and it's blue and white. Also, you can put in these little discs--stones, they're called--with inspirational messages written on them. Every time you open the bottle, the message is right in front of you. My current one is NEVER SETTLE. The mouth is wide enough that you can get plenty of the H2O you need with no spillage.
Also, best of all, the KOR One hydration vessel contains no BPA--the chemical in most plastic water bottles that can lead to breast cancer. Major plus. Not to mention how much fossil fuel you're saving by drinking from the same water bottle instead of those disposable ones.

It costs about thirty dollars, but it's definitely more than worth it.

Peace out~
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No more wrinkles!

I love my (mommy's) new garment steamer.

I hate ironing. It's not just something I kinda don't like to do, I -hate- it with a burning fiery passion, and I'm no good at it. I always burn my forearm (sometimes even of the arm I'm not using) it takes me forever and I'm not very good at it. I would rather rewash and dry my clothes then iron them... and it doesn't make much difference in time.

My husband just got a promotion. This is fantastic news in every way... except wardrobe. He now has to dress all snazzy and wrinkle free in those kinds of clothes that it seems you -look- at it and it wrinkles. Whether it is because she felt nice, or maybe she just didn't want to listen to me cry and complain, mom let me borrow her Rowenta pro compact garment steamer.

She won it who knows how long ago and never took it out of the box, poor thing. It is such a wonderful alternative to ironing! All I had to do for setup was twist the hose in, add water, hang the head on the over-the-door hanger provided and let it heat up for two minutes. Once it's done, I hang what I need to steam on the hanger and just run it up and down a few times. It does leave it a touch damp but that was dry in five minutes, not bad since it only took about 2-3 for giant pants that would have been easier if I had a different kind of hanger. In other words, I can steam an entire outfit in the time it takes for my coffee pot to brew, and it will dry by the time I've had my first cup.

I did have to go over some stubborn spots a bit more, and it took a bit of pulling here and tugging there, but that would be reduced it we bought an extra attachment that gets rid of bad wrinkles and can even add that crease some people like in their pants.

I only ran into two problems, but neither of them come close to countering the good in my opinion. First, if you accidentally steam your hand while repositioning clothes, it REALLY hurts. Not enough to leave a burn or even need to run under cold water, my coffee scalds me worse, but enough to be unpleasant at three in the morning. The other is that is ran out of water kind of fast but that only takes two seconds to fix.

I did read other reviews on it at Amazon, and apparently other people had a lot of problem with the steam not being consistent, leaks, or the hose disconnecting. I don't know if they have just been fixed or what but I didn't have any of those problems. It worked well for me and I will likely be tossing my neglected iron out (or freecycling) but if I ever do have problems I will post an update.

Mommy, can I keep it? ~ GeekyMommy
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Rocks for brains.

I'm pretty sure I have rocks for brains.
I actually thought that as they got older my kids would need me less. Ha!
Last night the little diva's come home from play practice and inform me that not only do they need to go in today (I knew this) but since everyone so enjoyed the snacks I brought to one of the rehearsals... pinwheels and a couple kinds of cookies... it would be nice if I could do the same for today.
10 o'clock last night.
Umm hmm.
So after telling them how they KNOW how I hate being asked for stuff like this at the last minute and that I had the headache from hell that was making me sick as a dog and I couldn't possibly what do I do?
Like a moron I am up at 5 am making 4 different kinds of muffins and oh, what the heck, why not do a couple of summer sausage, pepperoni, cheese, breadstick and cracker platters... make some cheese spread, oh, it is not just gonna be the drama kids mom, since Blondie does the stage make-up so well and the band is going to be doing Thriller she's making them into zombies and one into Michael Jackson when he was black and... well heck, might as well toss something healthy in there but mostly we buy vegs that are on sale and now it is the fall ones... luckily a hunt through the fridge, freezer and pantry yielded some baby carrots, snow peas, baby corn and olives along with some dip.
Tomorrow of course we have to shop for all the little extras for their costumes.
I tell myself it will end when they move out, but I know better... Kyra is always needing mama for something or other.
And you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way, rocks in the head or not.
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Ian's sugar high & around here lately

Remember Ian on his Nana's bed on Halloween night? (This is his other grandmother, aka Nana.) Yep, the little boy is STILL bouncing off the walls. Kyra really has her hands full so has been taking him everywhere she can think of to try to get the hyper out.
Don't worry, he barely got a fraction of the candy to keep... but on Halloween itself he was pretty much given free reign and I think he's still running on sugar fumes.
From the minute he wakes up he is ALL OVER THE PLACE and doesn't settle down til he crashes and burns. Hahaha I love you, Kyra, but I am glad he's not with me 24/7 right at this very moment.
So wins lately... some really great ones... if you have not tried organic clothing, let me tell you they have the softest stuff imaginable. We've won a onesie (which Kyra gave to a friend at a baby shower) and a Green mama t that Kyra is wearing constantly, it is that soft and cute... I will get a pic up and do a review soon, promise.
Won a Dove prize package which included tix to the movie and among other things a year's supply of Dove products- and as Kyra is super sensitive and Dove is the ONLY brand she can use, let me tell you this is much appreciated.
I don't want to spoil it for the littlest diva, since she will eventually get around to writing her review, but I have to mention the Kor Hydration Vessel that I won... make sure you read her review when she gets it posted here, but I will tell you this much- IT ROCKS! and all the cool kids want one now. (Yes, she dibbed it and tested it out by bringing it to school.) She'll include a photo and link in her review. There are more, and I will be adding them to my win list (eventually) and the freebies have been plentiful lately, and with Ken's overtime hours being eliminated both the wins and the freebies have been a blessing indeed around here.
The littlest diva's have been super-busy with rehearsals. Devon is still 3 different characters and Casey is now the only Hero, so she is one of the leads on all 4 nights. She's thrilled, but a little disappointed that she won't get to dance. Ah well, that's showbiz!
All of the food we made for Halloween went over really well, and a couple were new to us, so I'll be posting recipes and reviews when I am feeling up to it... I have had a headache for the last couple weeks that I just can't seem to shake so blogging has not been my biggest priority.
I saw on someones blog (sorry, I forget where) all of the buttons on the sidebar were scrolling so they only showed one at a time. What a fabulous idea! That way each can get the attention it deserves and not get lost amidst a sea of other buttons. Each is cute and deserves to be showcased imo. If anyone knows how to do this on blogger and can walk me (slowly) through it I will love you forever and ever and ever, amen!
That's about it for now, hope everyone is having a fabulous week.
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United we stand - divided we'll fall.

I have deliberately avoided giving my opinion on who I feel should be running our country on my blog and I am not going to change that now. Anyone who knows me well, though, is in no doubt. The point is, who I wanted to win is not important. The people have spoken and overwhelmingly we have voted for change.
History has been made. Love it or hate it, it is what it is.
And I for one would like to invite everyone to join me in congratulating our President Elect Barack Obama.
I love America, and being an American.
Are there things I would change? Heck yeah.
Would I want to give up my citizenship for anything else available. HELL NO!
It breaks my heart to see America and the United States the world's big joke and our president a laughingstock. The sad thing is we do it to ourselves.
Why can't we all just say it is what it is, no we're not perfect but darn it let's take a little pride in ourselves, our leaders and our country.
Even if you can't personally support the man and his ideals or policies, maybe you can respect his position and that WE put him there.
Maybe not you personally, but the collective WE.
Let's do what we can to help him make our country the best it's ever been.
The potential is there.
Please, I know from some of your posts you are devastated by the outcome, but do you really wish him ill just so you can say I told you so?
Nothing good can come from predicting failure and gloom and doom.
I for one am full of HOPE and with all of my heart wish President-Elect Barack Obama nothing but the best.
God Bless America. God Bless Obama. God Bless You All.
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God Bless America - vote for freebies.

After you grab your I voted sticker, hop on over to Starbucks, Ben & Jerry's, Krispy Kreme or one of the select Chick-Fil-A's for some free goodies.
Yes, I know you would have voted anyways, but heck, why not get something for nothing... Who doesn't like to score freebies? That way no matter what happens we can all feel like winners. ;-)
Not sure where to go to vote? Go here and type in your info and they'll tell you where your polling place is.
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Spore: Game Review

Ever wanted your own planet from the ground up? Ever wondered would happen if you controlled evolution? Ever wanted to just sit around and make the most adorable little creatures ever? Ever wanted to turn those creatures into little war machines bent on galactic domination? Then hop on the nearest asteroid and take off for Spore. This game has something for nearly everyone.
Spore is all about creating things from teeny tiny amoebas to cities and cars to space ships and eventually planets. This game is fun and addicting the graphics is very nice if a little cartoony but that’s part of its charm.
The sounds are very well done. And no matter how it may annoy your mother you must turn it up so you can hear how adorable they sound or how vicious they growl, but they get annoying the 50th time you’ve tried to charm another tribe.
Each stage of your creature’s growth has a different play style to it your first stage as an amoeba all you care about is food. In the second stage you lead your creature to either dominate all other species or charm them into being your friend. The choices you made as an amoeba will reflect how you spend your time in this portion- depending on how you play you will get different powers for either charming or fighting.

Every time you do something in the game you get DNA points which help you evolve This is there the game shines the most want your creature to have 8 legs 6 eyes and two heads, no problem as long as you earn the DNA points. The only problem about this stage is that it seems too short even on hard mode this portion of the game can be done in less then an hour. Every so often your creature’s brain will grow (big headache for the poor little guy) til he’s ready to make his tribe.
This part of the game you don’t control one creature you control the whole tribe. The only thing you can design now is the cloths your creature wears. I would have liked to see some more choices here. Theirs not much customization in this part of the game
The next stage is more fun civilization stage. Congrats! your little guy is now in control of the entire planet but don’t relax yet there are different factions that all want control over the resources. Here is where the game gets fun again- you get to design everything here: your cars, your houses, air cars and ships- its all up to you how they look.
Mine ended up looking like something Dr. Seuss threw up.) The go out and conquer the world. Next step outer space.
Here is another area where the game shines: space is SOOOOOOOO huge AND you connect online to see other things people have created. And there is so much to do. Make friends; make enemies; take over the galaxy; buy the galaxy; explore; colonize; abduct other creatures and people for experiments… there’s just so much to do it will keep you busy for a very long time to come.
There are two really big things not great about this game.
One is how EA handles security. You cannot play this game with out an online connection. Even though it is a single player game you have to connect for them to verify that you can play.
The other is you are limited to 3 installs that means if you upgrade, if you get hacked, if you get a new computer, or if you are like me and have limited space and have to alternate your games you’re out of luck. The EULA pretty much says you’re “RENTING” the game.
It’s a bit annoying you can do more than 3 installs- if you call them then send in photos of you game box and code then 5 different forms of id a credit report and stand on your head and sing Mary had a little lamb….. Okay, maybe not the singing part but still a lot of hoops. But I didn’t find it enough of a deterrent to keep my from buying and loving the game. There’s just so much to do it will keep me occupied for a long long time to come. Now if you’ll excuse me my Igorettas need me we have planets to explore.

Gamer Girlie Out.
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This was Halloween: The Aftermath.

Our Halloween started bright and early- this is how the pretty mini-diva went to school. She's learning stage make-up and I think she did an awesome job!

We had an amazing night- we spent it with Kyra's mother-in-law and she really does it up right. We are semi-rural and get few if any Trick-or-treator's so it was super-fun for us to be in an area that gets tons- and Holly got extra as some people told us they went back and brought others or called them to come see.

She had everything from a broom that chased you to remote controlled rats, a magic mirror, bubbling cauldron, little cemetery, skeletons, giant spiders and more.

She always does a lot, but this year we (girls and I) were part of a living scene- Dr. Devon was a mad scientist, Casey was Dolly and Dawn was the Headless Horseman, a couple of her less than successful experiments and I was a zombie offering to trade candy for brains.

It was hysterical as we scared the heck out of some of the older kids, and the talking mirror was snarky except with the littlest tykes and some were so confused it was very hard to keep a straight face.

Kyra alternated between a fortune-telling gypsy, a witch, the voice in the mirror and taking Ian trick-or-treating.

We had so much fun!

Enjoy the pics. I'll blog about the food and recipes later. :)

So my delightful, precious children dressed as: Dolly, The Headless Horseman, the Evil Dr. Devon and a Fortune-Telling Gypsy.

After wearing it day after day and wanting it constantly when the big day finally gets here Ian wanted nothing to do with his Thomas costume, but Kyra finally got him into it by bribing him. He was adorable and polite as can be, though, so that made up for it.

Holly did an amazing job decorating inside and out. Unfortunately my camera settings got knocked out of whack so only a few came out, but here they are for your enjoyment.

You think Nana might be spoiling the boy just a wee little bit? ;-)

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