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Just when things settle down on one level and gear up on another it is THAT time of year- no, not the holidays, the sicky-germs are coming to town. I left my Mother-In-Law's house on Thanksgiving before Ian could even open his presents. :(
Luckily not too bad, and I am okay now, but Dev has been sick. They had all last week off of school (Yay) and she's been sick for days even missed yesterday and today from school.
I didn't try to get any black Friday deals this year- nothing that appealing in our local stores and too wiped out to stay up to hit online- from what I have been reading I didn't miss that much anyways.
Dawn and I did run out for a bit, though, and SCORE! got the mini-diva the mack-daddy of all presents. Dude, all I will say is it is totally pimpin'. Yes, we want to drive Casey crazy. ;)
Most of the shopping I have done so far has been online- if you check out my sidebar you will see where I have found some of the best deals for anyone who still has to finish their lists.
I have won a few things that I actually managed to keep my big mouth shut about- the girlies will be having a very nice Christmas!
I just don't have the oomph right now to post more, but hope everyone is doing well and if you got any great deals, let me know!!! I am only about a third done with mine.
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