Review Flip Ultra Video - White and Nerdy Lip Sync Video

We were thrilled to receive a Flip Video Ultra to review.

We got the white/silver one which is perfect for divas.

I have to say we are very impressed. The Flip is as small as my digital camera and fits easily into a pocket or purse.

We messed around with it a little bit at home but decided to give you all something truly amusing to watch.

Now those of you who read my blog know I am totally technologically challenged. Well, the mini-diva so takes after me in this area so the fact that she took it the day after we got it to her drama class and was running it like a pro tells us one thing- this baby is idiot proof.

We were a bit wary of the quality after reading how easy this is to use but for the price and ease of use, it is most definitely worth buying.

She told me to warn you all that any mistakes (jumpiness) is because she was laughing and totally operator error.

If you have anyone left to buy for this would be the perfect gift- we will definitely have ours charged up and ready to go for Christmas.

(Mini-D talking: I'm also using the camera to make a short movie for one of my classes that I'll have mommy upload when it's done. =3 I luffs my idiot-proof video camera thingy! Mine! DIBS! Mwahahaha!)

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