Review Death Knight Class - Wrath of the Litch King for WOW

Okay, so if you know Anything about gaming news you know that Wrath of the Litch King just came out.

Unfortunately because I’ve been sick I haven’t been able to play much, but I have been able to try out the new class.

Let me just say that SO far Blizzard has done an amazing job from what I have seen.

The Death Knights look like what they are, fallen heroes raised from the dead.

The starting quests for the new class are just plain fun and a great way to ease you into the class instead of just dropping you into the world.

They were so fun in fact I remade mine 3 times just to go through them again …….. That and I couldn’t get my skin shade just right. ;)

This is the first time I have ever had fun in what is considered a “tanking” class.

The three talent trees are very well fleshed out, with each having their own strengths .

I personally went with unholy- I am a sucker for a pet class and really, who doesn’t want their own zombie pet?

I’ll have more of a review of all the new content when I have more time to play but if the rest is as well done as the Death Knights I know I wont be disappointed.
gamer girlie out.
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