Family, the weather and random rambling.

The *weather* is over and things are back to normal.
BTW what does that mean? I mean isn't sunny or partly cloudy weather? It always makes me giggle when people start their conversations with some weather we're having, isn't it? or How'd y'all make out in the weather?
After growing up in the northeast and then living in New Hampshire and Alaska it cracks me up how everything shuts down when it snows here. I know it is because they just aren't prepared for it but keep a few sandbags and it'll all be good.
Two inches and town is closed for the duration. ;-)
Wait, I take that back. UPS came only not in their regular trucks, in U-Hauls.
Lots of deliveries this year, did more than half of the shopping online. I can't wait to see Ian, he's at that age where it will be wicked fun watching his face light up since he understands what is going on.
I love having the girls home from school- something so special about snow days, isn't there?
We've been doing some baking and whatnot- lots of fun and helps keep the house warm and smelling yummy.
Kyra's been having trouble again with Ian sleeping- as in he's not. Even when he falls asleep he's up within a couple of hours. Not acting scared or crying or anything so don't know if it is nightmares or what but the boy is exhausted and so is his mommy.
Shh don't tell but we got a crazy good deal (Thanks, Trina) on a personal trampoline for him with the netting so if he keeps it up she can keep him enclosed where he can't hurt anything and jumping to wear his little butt out.
Do you ever feel like you are being spied on then see bits and pieces of your life on tv or in commercials. We used to feel like that with Gilmore Girls (not the drunken stupid crybaby ones but the witty dialect and repartee) but now they have a commercial that I swear they stole right from my life. And since I have a big mouth and have been telling this story for years and posting all over the net they prolly did. ;-)
Anyways one year Dawn woke up early and caught her daddy eating the fudge off of Santa's plate. She was totally freaked. There were tons of cookies and whatnot (we make sure to leave the big guy lots of variety) but the fudge is the thing and she was sure that's why she always got the best gifts.
Anyways, we fixed it and made more microwave fudge (yes the same one I posted here earlier) and Santa still was exceptionally generous, but he hid daddy's real stocking and gave him a little novelty one filled with real coal. OMG it was the funniest thing ever.
Now they are running a commercial that reminds me so much of that with the dad and the little boy and making those cookies from a mix up quick.
Anyways, it is a cute idea for a commercial whether they spied on us or not, we laugh every time and remember when... daddy eating Santa's fudge and getting a stocking full of coal is of course wonderful family legend now and has to be told several times during the season.
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