A return to bedlam.

Lunacy I can handle. It is pretty much what we live with. The craziness that the holidays brought, not so much.
We actually had an awesome time- a lot of family activities, baking, shopping, watching the Christmas specials, singing and dancing around, etc.
Mama was sorely missed- it just wasn't right with her not here. And not just because she is my wrapper extraordinaire, either, although that was a big part of it. ;-)
The tree and decorations are still not down- I know some of you leave them up through the new year or til twelfth night or whatever, but for me once Christmas is over I am ready for it to be over.
This year, though, it just hasn't happened. Even though I tried really hard, I apparently pushed a little harder than I should have and I've not had a choice but to take it easy or end up back in the hospital.
Usually when this happens, the little divas do it for me, but with 2 of them sick and Dawn's ankle sprained it is all we can do to get the bare minimum done.
Good, though, is that for the first time in quite a while the girls got to stay home all of Christmas. They usually make a mad dash to Louisiana to spend time with their dad right after opening gifts, but due to his lay-off and some other things going on and his company trying to get a new contract it worked better for everyone for them to be here.
Of course that would have been miserable for all concerned as the day after the tummy bug started, so it all worked out for the best.
If it wasn't apparent before I now have proof positive that I'm out of my mind.
Found a $130. personal trampoline with the safety net online for $30 so of course thought that would make a fabulous present for Ian since he LOVES to bounce- on my bed, the couch, the chairs, the dogs, doesn't matter.
Well, personal to some is not the same as to me as this thing is a LOT bigger than I expected (like one of those little mini exercise trampolines that had net to keep the boy safe). Ha! NOT.
I should have expected when it said it held up to 154 pounds, but oh well, at least most of us can use it for exercise or fun. ;-)
Luckily, our family room is big enough to have the seating/tv area half and the computers/plant tables, etc half. We have a whole pile of Kyra's things here and as soon as she takes them we will move the trampoline to the desk half of the room along with Butterscotch, the (not small) pony we got him also on a fabulous deal.
The kids all think it rocks, and say all we need is a ball pit and we are Play World and Jump Zone combined.
I have to admit it is pretty fun to watch them enjoying themselves so much. I know not everyone could or would want a gigantic playroom/living room, but I guess it suits us as well as anything. And the giggles make it all worthwhile.
We tried a few new recipes that we are pleased with and will be making regularly, I'll post those another time.
Aside from the trampoline, the Air Hogs battling/dueling helicopters, PS3 I won, along with the Mirror's Edge game, Kingdom Hearts Re-Chain of Memories for the PS2 and Animal Crossing for the Wii seem to be the big hits. Oh, and the Silly Putty they got in their stockings. Dev especially can't get enough of playing with that stuff.
I got some GREAT deals the day after Christmas- JC Penney's, especially had the bargains- I ended up getting two small trees, 3 pieces to a white village, a few ornaments and other things at 75% off then because I spent more than $50. they knocked off an additional $10. All that for under $45. so not bad at all.
At the Christmas Store I got another Lenox Grinch ornament for 60% off- this one is him carving the rare who roast beast. Last year mama got me the one with him and Max on the sleigh. Also got an official cookie dough taste tester apron that Ian and Dev will fight over. ;-)
Not a ton at Wal-Mart and Target, but a few new decorations and a small fiber-optic tree.
All in all 2008 has been a great year, and we're looking forward to 2009 being an even better one.
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