Welcome SITStas

Welcome, SITStas. I'm honored to be the featured blog today over at The Secret Is In The Sauce.
Thanks Heather and Tiffany.
For those of you who don't know, Heather and Tiffany started SITS for all of us comment ho's... if you have a blog you will for sure want to sign up so you can spread and receive the comment love for yourselves.
Ooh, and if you haven't already, check out Saucy Eats, the SITS Girls recipe site. Very inspiring and fun... and you don't gain weight just looking... well maybe a few of the recipes but totally worth it.
I had planned on having tons of time to come up with this super awesome, creative, humorous post so y'all would know how fabulous I am but things have been crazy busy here with the little diva's.
Tonight was opening night and OMG all day the drama teacher and Blondie were frantic because mini-diva LOST HER VOICE and has a wicked sore throat. Tons of tea and honey and various lozenges helped enough that she was able to project so well she was louder than many of the other actors. The littlest diva covered when one of the main characters (Beatrice) forgot a few lines and was commended for her quick thinking.
The cast did a really good job, but cast, crew and parents are all exhausted. 3 more nights and I should catch back up to life as it usually is and especially all of my favorite blogs.
Tonight, of course, will be even more fun as while I am sure none of you know a thing about this- play, cast party, midnight release WOOFREAKIN'HOO can we say finally?
Anyhoozles, grab your favorite drink, put up your feet and enjoy our little corner of the Loonyverse.
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