The Twilight movie

I was, quite honestly, expecting the Twilight movie to fail. Hardcore.
The clips that I'd seen didn't look great. I didn't care for the actors at all. My friends had conversations on how horrible it was going to be--and how we couldn't wait to see it.

So we pre-ordered our tickets and got to the theater at 10PM on Thursday, two hours before it was set to start. We went to the bathroom and sprayed our hair fun colors then found our seats (I'm not sure why we colored our hair to go sit in a dark theater, but it was lots of fun).
A few minutes before the movie started, a woman came in and announced that if anyone screamed, they would be removed, and that we should get all of our screaming out after the movie. My friends and I rolled our eyes--who would scream for actors like Robert Pattinson?

The beginning started out a little rushed. What took months in the book seemed to span out over just a couple of days. Bella did a little more narration than I liked--though I see where it was necessary. The only similarities between book and movie seemed to be the names and basic plot.

And yet... I enjoyed it a lot. Once I looked past between the book/movie comparisons, it wasn't a bad movie. I was fully expecting the actors to totally fail, but they pulled it off quite well. I didn't like the actor they got for Rosalie before I saw the movie, but she did a very good job.
I won't spoil the movie, but I'll say that the one part that I completely loathed was the meadow scene. The part about the sun wasn't pleasant at all. But Renee's involvement in the movie--more so than in the book--almost made up for it. I liked her character a lot.

Overall? Seven or eight stars out of ten.

Also--it's been announced that they're definitely doing New Moon. I know that I'll be at the midnight release of that too.

Note: If you have to go to school the next day, it's unwise to stay up all night and drink Monster energy drinks, which I've discovered give me a wicked bad headache--I much prefer Amp. You won't be tired with the Monster, but you'll crash and burn later. I was in the play that day, so I had to stay up much longer than my other friends. Still, it was so worth it--a couple of my friends who are relatively soft-spoken were belting out bad music and attempting screamo with the rest of us on the way home... and one of my friends recorded it. Good times.
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