The best water bottle ever

Awhile back, mom won me a KOR One hydration vessel. I'm madly in love with it.
Yeah, it's just a water bottle, right? Holds water. You drink from it. And maybe it looks cool, but it's no big deal, right?

This thing is the coolest water bottle (ahem, hydration vessel) ever. It's oval-y instead of circular, and it's blue and white. Also, you can put in these little discs--stones, they're called--with inspirational messages written on them. Every time you open the bottle, the message is right in front of you. My current one is NEVER SETTLE. The mouth is wide enough that you can get plenty of the H2O you need with no spillage.
Also, best of all, the KOR One hydration vessel contains no BPA--the chemical in most plastic water bottles that can lead to breast cancer. Major plus. Not to mention how much fossil fuel you're saving by drinking from the same water bottle instead of those disposable ones.

It costs about thirty dollars, but it's definitely more than worth it.

Peace out~
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