Spore: Game Review

Ever wanted your own planet from the ground up? Ever wondered would happen if you controlled evolution? Ever wanted to just sit around and make the most adorable little creatures ever? Ever wanted to turn those creatures into little war machines bent on galactic domination? Then hop on the nearest asteroid and take off for Spore. This game has something for nearly everyone.
Spore is all about creating things from teeny tiny amoebas to cities and cars to space ships and eventually planets. This game is fun and addicting the graphics is very nice if a little cartoony but that’s part of its charm.
The sounds are very well done. And no matter how it may annoy your mother you must turn it up so you can hear how adorable they sound or how vicious they growl, but they get annoying the 50th time you’ve tried to charm another tribe.
Each stage of your creature’s growth has a different play style to it your first stage as an amoeba all you care about is food. In the second stage you lead your creature to either dominate all other species or charm them into being your friend. The choices you made as an amoeba will reflect how you spend your time in this portion- depending on how you play you will get different powers for either charming or fighting.

Every time you do something in the game you get DNA points which help you evolve This is there the game shines the most want your creature to have 8 legs 6 eyes and two heads, no problem as long as you earn the DNA points. The only problem about this stage is that it seems too short even on hard mode this portion of the game can be done in less then an hour. Every so often your creature’s brain will grow (big headache for the poor little guy) til he’s ready to make his tribe.
This part of the game you don’t control one creature you control the whole tribe. The only thing you can design now is the cloths your creature wears. I would have liked to see some more choices here. Theirs not much customization in this part of the game
The next stage is more fun civilization stage. Congrats! your little guy is now in control of the entire planet but don’t relax yet there are different factions that all want control over the resources. Here is where the game gets fun again- you get to design everything here: your cars, your houses, air cars and ships- its all up to you how they look.
Mine ended up looking like something Dr. Seuss threw up.) The go out and conquer the world. Next step outer space.
Here is another area where the game shines: space is SOOOOOOOO huge AND you connect online to see other things people have created. And there is so much to do. Make friends; make enemies; take over the galaxy; buy the galaxy; explore; colonize; abduct other creatures and people for experiments… there’s just so much to do it will keep you busy for a very long time to come.
There are two really big things not great about this game.
One is how EA handles security. You cannot play this game with out an online connection. Even though it is a single player game you have to connect for them to verify that you can play.
The other is you are limited to 3 installs that means if you upgrade, if you get hacked, if you get a new computer, or if you are like me and have limited space and have to alternate your games you’re out of luck. The EULA pretty much says you’re “RENTING” the game.
It’s a bit annoying you can do more than 3 installs- if you call them then send in photos of you game box and code then 5 different forms of id a credit report and stand on your head and sing Mary had a little lamb….. Okay, maybe not the singing part but still a lot of hoops. But I didn’t find it enough of a deterrent to keep my from buying and loving the game. There’s just so much to do it will keep me occupied for a long long time to come. Now if you’ll excuse me my Igorettas need me we have planets to explore.

Gamer Girlie Out.
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