Rocks for brains.

I'm pretty sure I have rocks for brains.
I actually thought that as they got older my kids would need me less. Ha!
Last night the little diva's come home from play practice and inform me that not only do they need to go in today (I knew this) but since everyone so enjoyed the snacks I brought to one of the rehearsals... pinwheels and a couple kinds of cookies... it would be nice if I could do the same for today.
10 o'clock last night.
Umm hmm.
So after telling them how they KNOW how I hate being asked for stuff like this at the last minute and that I had the headache from hell that was making me sick as a dog and I couldn't possibly what do I do?
Like a moron I am up at 5 am making 4 different kinds of muffins and oh, what the heck, why not do a couple of summer sausage, pepperoni, cheese, breadstick and cracker platters... make some cheese spread, oh, it is not just gonna be the drama kids mom, since Blondie does the stage make-up so well and the band is going to be doing Thriller she's making them into zombies and one into Michael Jackson when he was black and... well heck, might as well toss something healthy in there but mostly we buy vegs that are on sale and now it is the fall ones... luckily a hunt through the fridge, freezer and pantry yielded some baby carrots, snow peas, baby corn and olives along with some dip.
Tomorrow of course we have to shop for all the little extras for their costumes.
I tell myself it will end when they move out, but I know better... Kyra is always needing mama for something or other.
And you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way, rocks in the head or not.
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