Quickie update

Had a mostly quiet weekend, which is good because the little diva's are pretty exhausted from rehearsals (can we say OMG I cannot wait for this play to be over) and whatnot and the rest of us have just been blah.
Kyra and her little family went to Nebraska to the Anime Convention and unfortunately the most exciting part as of yesterday afternoon was that her husband somehow managed to need 15 stitches. I know, right, who gets their face gashed at a convention, but Aaron somehow found a way.
2 hours from the time it happened til they left the er, though, so if you do have an emergency apparently Lincoln, NE is not a bad place for waiting. ;)
Gearing up for the holidays, deciding on what we will bring up to Ken's mom's, etc... we'll be making at least one new thing, we do every year I am physically able.
I can hardly believe Ian will be 2 on the 24th... the theme of his B-day will be Wall-E, I think Kyra is going to try to design his cake herself, we'll have to see if she has the time and energy.
I've still got things to do today, so I'll update more later.
Hope everyone has a wonderful, wonder-filled week. :)
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