No more wrinkles!

I love my (mommy's) new garment steamer.

I hate ironing. It's not just something I kinda don't like to do, I -hate- it with a burning fiery passion, and I'm no good at it. I always burn my forearm (sometimes even of the arm I'm not using) it takes me forever and I'm not very good at it. I would rather rewash and dry my clothes then iron them... and it doesn't make much difference in time.

My husband just got a promotion. This is fantastic news in every way... except wardrobe. He now has to dress all snazzy and wrinkle free in those kinds of clothes that it seems you -look- at it and it wrinkles. Whether it is because she felt nice, or maybe she just didn't want to listen to me cry and complain, mom let me borrow her Rowenta pro compact garment steamer.

She won it who knows how long ago and never took it out of the box, poor thing. It is such a wonderful alternative to ironing! All I had to do for setup was twist the hose in, add water, hang the head on the over-the-door hanger provided and let it heat up for two minutes. Once it's done, I hang what I need to steam on the hanger and just run it up and down a few times. It does leave it a touch damp but that was dry in five minutes, not bad since it only took about 2-3 for giant pants that would have been easier if I had a different kind of hanger. In other words, I can steam an entire outfit in the time it takes for my coffee pot to brew, and it will dry by the time I've had my first cup.

I did have to go over some stubborn spots a bit more, and it took a bit of pulling here and tugging there, but that would be reduced it we bought an extra attachment that gets rid of bad wrinkles and can even add that crease some people like in their pants.

I only ran into two problems, but neither of them come close to countering the good in my opinion. First, if you accidentally steam your hand while repositioning clothes, it REALLY hurts. Not enough to leave a burn or even need to run under cold water, my coffee scalds me worse, but enough to be unpleasant at three in the morning. The other is that is ran out of water kind of fast but that only takes two seconds to fix.

I did read other reviews on it at Amazon, and apparently other people had a lot of problem with the steam not being consistent, leaks, or the hose disconnecting. I don't know if they have just been fixed or what but I didn't have any of those problems. It worked well for me and I will likely be tossing my neglected iron out (or freecycling) but if I ever do have problems I will post an update.

Mommy, can I keep it? ~ GeekyMommy
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