Much to be Thankful for.


Happy Thanksgiving family and friends.
I find myself with so very much to be thankful and grateful for I could be writing all night so I'll just list a few.

Family and friends, of course, and the fact that we are all (relatively) healthy and happy.
Ken has a good job with benefits when so many do not.

Electricity and indoor plumbing.
I live in a time when I can be connected to so many others all around this wonderful world of ours.
Plenty of food to eat
Warm fuzzy socks.
Washer and Dryer (although I admit I'd like to have someone else tackle laundry mountain now and then).
Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.
And... the play is over- the pics didn't come out so great, but Casey as Hero is the tiny little blonde in blue and this is Devon as the Messenger with the brunette ponytail on the bench in brown.
The kids did a fabulous job, as did Ms Webber, the director. All of the hard work and dedication of cast and crew paid off.
Etc. etc. etc...
Whether or not you are American and celebrate our Thanksgiving or not, I'm sure if you take a moment to reflect you will find this is the case for you as well.

I wish you all a fraction of my blessings and you will be/feel very rich indeed.
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