Looking forward

I have been out of sorts lately and I think I have figured it out.
Okay, bear with me.
I might be a mama hen, but I like my (not so) little family around me. It's not like they never get to do anything, but with the rehearsals and everything else going on in their lives, we just don't seem to have any time together except in passing.
We haven't even watched Broters & Sisters yet (thank God for DVR) and we watch religiously.
It seems like our lives are being lived in passing any more- I'm running here, they are going there.
I'm thrilled for the experience they got of being in the play, and naturally we'll sign up for the next thing they are wanting, but I will enjoy every minute of our time together until it starts.
I love and am so very grateful that in addition to loving them I really like my girls as well.
Each one of them is delightful, intelligent, compassionate and a joy to be around.
So very different from each other, yet in the core values so very much the same.
Many people I know are now starting to stress about the holidays and how they will get everything done, me, I am looking forward to the time we will have for and with each other- baking and candy making, shopping and wrapping, the tv specials and the movies, the hot chocolate and carols.
Right now I am feeling so very blessed that I am going to give thanks for my many many blessings.
My wish for you all, dear friends and family, is that you are a fraction as blessed as I am- if so, you are rich indeed.
Oh,even though it is illegal to do so in our home until after Thanksgiving, I've put the tree up in Our Loonyverse, cute, huh? I am so grateful for all the talented designers and coders and widget makers. :D
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