Ian's sugar high & around here lately

Remember Ian on his Nana's bed on Halloween night? (This is his other grandmother, aka Nana.) Yep, the little boy is STILL bouncing off the walls. Kyra really has her hands full so has been taking him everywhere she can think of to try to get the hyper out.
Don't worry, he barely got a fraction of the candy to keep... but on Halloween itself he was pretty much given free reign and I think he's still running on sugar fumes.
From the minute he wakes up he is ALL OVER THE PLACE and doesn't settle down til he crashes and burns. Hahaha I love you, Kyra, but I am glad he's not with me 24/7 right at this very moment.
So wins lately... some really great ones... if you have not tried organic clothing, let me tell you they have the softest stuff imaginable. We've won a onesie (which Kyra gave to a friend at a baby shower) and a Green mama t that Kyra is wearing constantly, it is that soft and cute... I will get a pic up and do a review soon, promise.
Won a Dove prize package which included tix to the movie and among other things a year's supply of Dove products- and as Kyra is super sensitive and Dove is the ONLY brand she can use, let me tell you this is much appreciated.
I don't want to spoil it for the littlest diva, since she will eventually get around to writing her review, but I have to mention the Kor Hydration Vessel that I won... make sure you read her review when she gets it posted here, but I will tell you this much- IT ROCKS! and all the cool kids want one now. (Yes, she dibbed it and tested it out by bringing it to school.) She'll include a photo and link in her review. There are more, and I will be adding them to my win list (eventually) and the freebies have been plentiful lately, and with Ken's overtime hours being eliminated both the wins and the freebies have been a blessing indeed around here.
The littlest diva's have been super-busy with rehearsals. Devon is still 3 different characters and Casey is now the only Hero, so she is one of the leads on all 4 nights. She's thrilled, but a little disappointed that she won't get to dance. Ah well, that's showbiz!
All of the food we made for Halloween went over really well, and a couple were new to us, so I'll be posting recipes and reviews when I am feeling up to it... I have had a headache for the last couple weeks that I just can't seem to shake so blogging has not been my biggest priority.
I saw on someones blog (sorry, I forget where) all of the buttons on the sidebar were scrolling so they only showed one at a time. What a fabulous idea! That way each can get the attention it deserves and not get lost amidst a sea of other buttons. Each is cute and deserves to be showcased imo. If anyone knows how to do this on blogger and can walk me (slowly) through it I will love you forever and ever and ever, amen!
That's about it for now, hope everyone is having a fabulous week.
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