You've got some nerve, mother!

The weekend went by so fast- I'm not even sure we had time to blink.
Kyra and the little guy came over to play yesterday, that's always fun... he is at such a fun age/stage right now. I know I always say that but it's the truth.
Mama got the confirmation letter that everything is set for our trip to Universal. You know you won and did everything right but until you are declared the official winner, there is that tiny little niggle of doubt. OMG talk about excited- yep, we're more excited than a couple of kids let loose in a candy store.
She got the paperwork with the list of blackout dates and we decided that April would work best for all of us- not too hot, not too crowded. I will probably go to her condo (I told y'all the lucky dog has a place right across from the beach, right?) a week before and stay for a couple weeks after- it was supposed to be 3 weeks total but she's angling for 3 plus the 4 days for the trip which is fine with me as long as the rest of the family doesn't fall apart. ;)
Oh, oh, my mom is a trip and a half. She had the nerve to say that me and the boy (my nephew, who is coming with us) embarrass her! and to try to act with decorum and dignity.
This from the lunatic who used to grab my hand and RUN LIKE A BAT OUT OF HELL across Great Adventure when I was growing up to Rolling Thunder (yes, back in the day this was considered an excellent roller coaster) to catch one last ride before it closed for the night.
God love you mama, but you have one helluva nerve saying we embarrass you.
I know what she's talking about, though. When we lived in Alaska there was a lot of unauthorized ditch-diving and I had a mini-van with not the best traction on the planet so we would somewhat limit our outings.
This of course meant that we had to take a list to the grocery store.
Now this was just not something I had ever done or ever wanted to do, so the boy and I would say things like only dorks carry lists and blah blah blah.
Anyhoozles, we got some neon index cards to write the lists on- different colors for different stores and we would always put dork list on the back of them really big in sharpie. Yes, bless his heart, my nephew would carry around bright pink index cards and make sure dork list was showing.
This was back in the day, peeps, he was a teenager, just not something most teenage boys would do. And that is just one of the reasons I love him to pieces and he'll always be my boy.
Betcha dollars to donuts if he was here with me now he'd carry the Hello Kitty lists for me. And yes, Ken does!!! I know, I know, thank God they are secure in being guys, right?
Most likely, Asia, who will be about 3 1/2 when we go will be the most mature one there. And you know what? That's okay, cuz we'll be the ones having the most fun!
Oh, and if anyone has been to Universal Orlando, where is the best place to buy a dorky hat or crown? It's my thing, like one of the very first things that I do when I get to a fair/festival/theme park, so that I can suck every second of enjoyment out of the trip... it's like a signal- when the crown goes on the adult cares get left behind.
Tons to do today before Ian gets here, just wanted to do a quickie update. I am getting to the comments/emails, I promise!!! Eventually. Real life will always come first with me and I hope everyone can understand that.
It's a new week, peeps, make it a great one.
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