Y'all could have warned me.

Y'all could have warned me, you really could have.
It would have been the honorable and decent thing to do.
I love my SITSta's, I really do. Nobody leaves the comment love quite like a SITSta. But.
Oh. My. Gracious.
Did you think it would be funny to watch the blogathon virgins click around like chickens with their heads cut off?
What you should have done is given me months if not years to train. You wouldn't send a newb into a marathon without making sure they had the strength and agility to endure it.
Pwn the nOOb, pwn the nOOb! (Gamer talk, don't ask me, the gamer girlie says it all the time when they *get* the new players so it seemed very appropriate.)
My eyes, my poor bleeding eyes. I only thought the 40-itis was bad before.
I could squint or hold things 3 feet from my face and still sort of see, but now... even with the granny reading glasses I'm cross-eyed.
Sounds insane, right? Naturally you'd assume I'd fit right in.
I am weak.
I am a sissy.
I want my mommy.
Are you happy now? You've made me grovel and admit to the whole world (well, the handful of fabulousity that reads my blog anyways) that I couldn't handle it.
And I'm not alone.
Nope, SITSta's, we broke Blogger last night. At least the comment function on Blogger.
I finally dragged my weary butt to bed after more than 30 minutes of dutifully writing scintillating posts on a handful of blogs- really, they were the best posts of the day as everyone knows I function optimally when I am dead tired and it is getting way past my bedtime.
I even tried posting over at SITS but I finally had to admit defeat when I kept getting the same *what the &&*&*^&* did you do? you broke Blogger you moron, thanks for ruining it for everyone* message over and over... well, okay, maybe it said Blogger is down we're sorry for the inconvenience or some such nonsense.
Whatever, it wasn't very nice.
Now that I'm a seasoned veteran at this whole blogathon thing, I would like to suggest that instead of snickering in that oh so polite way, you could warn the newbs that they need to pace themselves so no one else has to go through what I did.
I tried, oh how I tried to pop over to all the fabulous blogs that linked up, but alas I have to admit defeat.
It's all y'alls fault, though, for having such wonderful content on your blog that I totally got distracted from completing my most important mission. Every bit of the blame goes to my wonderful SITSta's.
Now that the frenzy is over and I've gotten past my childish need (yes that IS the same as seeing things in child-like wonder that they say is soooo beneficial) to point fingers and cast blame, I promise, I will get to everyone who is on the list and everyone who left me such wonderful comments. Eventually. Probably.
I had so much fun, and made so many new friends, and I will probably go blind reading all y'alls wonderful blogs, but you know what?
Next time I will be there with bells on.
Aerosmith said it best... I don't want to miss a thing!
Thanks Heather and Tiffany and every one of you SITSta's who made my first blogathon such an enjoyable event. I had a blast!
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