Weekly date, great deal.

Fridays are traditionally date night for a lot of people. For me, not so much.
Partly because I've got 4 kids, and partly because Ken sometimes works overtime and the money is always welcome.
However, Fridays we do pretty much spend together.
Grocery and bargain shopping. WooHoo, right?
It actually is kind of fun. And it is pretty much the only time we spend together when we're both coherent (he works second shift).
It might seem lame to some, but everything doesn't always have to be about dinner and a movie or doing something special.
You can take the ordinary, sometimes even dreaded, and kick it up a notch.
We go to several stores and Ken keeps track of the best prices on the things we buy so we always know when we are getting a good deal. (Others have a price- book, I have a husband with a good memory and an ability to figure out unit cost faster than any calculator.)
We may or may not include a meal out, but it doesn't seem to matter, the point is to spend time together and to have fun.
We laugh and kid around and get our chores and errands done at the same time.
To anyone who says they can't find the time to spend together, my point is that you can find the time you just have to redefine what constitutes a date. My kids are older so we don't need a sitter any more, but even if we did we could find a way somehow to have time together without the kids- do it when they are in bed if that is the only thing you can manage.
BTW Ken hates shopping, passionately, but he doesn't dread our Friday dates since he doesn't think of it as shopping but as spending time with me.
Yesterday we added a new store to our rounds- in Mayflower across the parking lot from Big Star is the Chicken & More Store. They sell close to expiring things way cheaper than I've ever seen them anywhere else.
I'm talking about Baker's Chocolate, Libby's canned pumpkin (the really big cans), Wheat Thins, Kraft Marshmallow Fluff and the big Kraft Real Mayo for 25 cents each. You know I stocked up.
Even though I am a Hellman's Mayo gal, there was just no way I could justify almost $4 for mayonnaise when I can get a decent one for a quarter.
Anyways, we were told that they are getting new things in all the time so we will definitely make the trek across the parking lot- which is good because you all know there will be some baking and some fudge in my future with these bargains.
How do you fit in time with your honey when you just don't have time or money for the traditional date?
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