Thanks To My Mama!

Alright, so my Mommy (Dddiva) has got me blogging now. This is my big blogging debut, so enjoy this boring post as much as you can.

My Mommy really does rock, and I'm lucky to be just like her =3 only a bit shorter, but still almost as awesome. I'm her favorite, by the way. Don't listen to any of her other kids-Or Darcy, my best friend whom claims she's my Mommy's favorite. It's really me.

I'm going to do a mini-review here, since mom does it a lot and I do enjoy promoting the good things in life.

As you all know this family can NOT function without coffee. Seriously, we'd all fall apart without it. We'd go savage and rip each others heads off after being annoyed for a day or two. So I'm reviewing a delicious creamer-Nestle Coffee-Mate, Tiramisu flavored. Mom just got it for us yesterday, and it's almost gone. No kidding, and Devon and I are the only ones who've had any yet-though I've only had two cups with it, and I don't use a lot of creamer...I wonder where it went. =P The creamer is seriously delicious. I've got to say it's pushed my usual favorite, Coconut, off of the top of my "Favorite creamer" lists. It's not overly sweet and it doesn't make the coffee taste like someones accidentally dropped spices into it, but it gives it a rich, somewhat creamy taste and it makes the coffee smell a little less bitter. It's good. Go buy some. Now.

Well, I hope you all have a great day!


Current music obsession: Running up that hill. (I'm listening to two versions of it, one by Placebo, the other by Within Temptation.)
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