Sixth photo of the Sixth Album meme - late but worth it.

I got tagged with a meme (yes a while ago- I told y'all I had some catching up to do) by Rachel over at Something to Blog About. I am supposed to do the sixth pic in the sixth album- okay well I have folders so this is as close as I could get.
This is my Pansy Paws dog, dude, the older of the 2 boys we have. Excuse the unmade bed, he likes to curl up with and around things and had some serious snuggling to do with a supersoft blankie. (Kohl's has them for $10 around Christmas time, a great price for a really soft blanket that wears very well.)
My nephew found Dude on the side of the road one night and he's been a huge part of our family ever since. The vet told us what breeds he might have but we forgot, and we just call him our snuggly boy.
Pretty cute, huh? How can you look into those gorgeous eyes, loving you unconditionally and not turn to mush?
Anyways now I am supposed to tag some people- Rachel tagged 4 so I guess that is what I am supposed to do- here goes- Trina, Jen, Betty and Anna.
Tag, you're it.
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