Pumpkin patch, hayride pics & review

We played in nature again this weekend- UGH! Not near as much fun as we were hoping for. After looking up pumpkin patches online we found one in Little Rock- naturally Google Map did not have perfect directions. We stopped and asked at a gas station and they told us they didn't think it was there this year- which thinking on it later was odd as it had 2008 hours etc...

Anyhoo, they told us about another one just a ways back towards where we came from- now the first one (that we were told wasn't there this year) was $2 per carload since it was the weekend or free weekdays but we had to do it when we all had time and presumably the cost of the pumpkins.

Where we ended up... Wildwood something or other... HA! 4 bucks a kid and 3 per adult. Rip Off! Yes, we got a hayride... lame but Ian liked it okay. Since kids were an extra buck they got a pumpkin- I kid you not the largest that they had a choice from were from the miniature ones that they sell in bags of a dozen for a couple bucks to at most 6 inches.

It was a sorry sorry selection and we heard others grumbling that they'd be stopping at Kroger on the way home as well. Seriously nothing even close to large enough to carve.

They did have a selection of pre-priced ones but the decent ones that are $3 to $5 depending on the market were $14.95. SICK!!!

In all fairness they had a couple of neat looking snake shaped gourds- also way overpriced.

Yes, we did it we had made such a huge deal out of pumpkin hunting with Ian we felt like we had to after an hour finding the place, but next year for sure we are getting personal recommendations.

Kyra and Aaron were also disappointed Saturday night- they had read these awesome reviews on a Haunted Hospital and that was not near as scary as they were led to believe and at $10 bucks a pop we had hoped all of the rave reviews would live up to their name, but alas once more I guess it depends on what you are used to. Ian had a sleepover here, though, so it was fun for us, mostly Auntie Dodo as she watched movies with him.

I've got more recipes and pics but they'll have to wait. Halloween is coming up fast and we've been hopping to get ready for it. Hope everyone is having as much fun as we are getting ready for the little ghouls.

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