Prayers requested while gunmen still at large @ UCA.

In addition to our own relatives who are students at UCA and the profs we know, we are keeping the victims and their families in our thoughts and prayers while 3 of the 4 shooters are still free. Your girls as well, Betty.
Here is the latest from KATC channel 7:
Conway - Two people are dead, and another wounded after a shooting on the UCA campus after a shooting just after 9:00 Sunday night outside the Snow Fine Arts Building.
A UCA spokesperson has now confirmed both of the fatalities were students, and the third was a non-student who has since been treated and released from the hospital.
Campus police say the suspects ran into Arkansas Hall after the shooting. One suspect has since been taken into custody, but three remain at large.
Unofficially, and through our own unconfirmed sources the incident is gang related. One of Kyra's friends was one who called it in, so we are taking it to be a firsthand and accurate account. YMMV.
While all such incidents are of course scary and mind-boggling, when they hit this close to home (we have nieces, friends, etc who are students) it really takes on a whole new perspective.
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