Mommy's awesomeness!

Ok, so do you know how awesome my mommy is? You probably think you have some idea, but really, you don't.

A while ago my Drama teacher personally invited my mom to come play with us during rehearsal's. This was big, since my teacher hates extra people in her room-even kicked one kids brother out, but she's been invited.

Why? Because everyone falls in love/wants to adopt my mom as their mom before they even meet her.

Why? Because she makes yummys. She actually owes my friend Birthday fudge and cookies (Which, hopefully, she'll get around to tonight.)

Now, my fabulous mommy has been invited, but has she actually come to any rehearsals? No.

Why, you ask again? Because I can't find the stupid coffee pitcher thingy. Yep. I wanted her to bring me coffee but she can't without it! (Well, she can, but not enough to share...So I'll make her bring cookies for the class. =3)

My drama teacher also wants to try my Mommy's lasagna, which is amazing, by the way. Yummmmmm. You can ask for the recipe, I guess, but it won't turn out the same, so I don't know why you'd bother trying. Your doomed to taste failure. (Yeah, sorry. I have a mean streak.)

Back to how awesome my mommy is...

I think my friends only like me 'cuz of her. They all call her mom, mama, or pretty lady.

She's known by people I don't know. No joke. She doesn't know them either, but still.

Everyone wants to be my friend around Christmas 'cuz I break my poor arms bringing them goodies. Like, over a trillion pounds worth of food. Yeeesh! Seriously, I could just buy them cards or real presents, but nope. They want yummies. (I can't blame them. I celebrate Christmas for the yummies and the presents *Hint to mom, those flying helicopter things. Hint. HINT. Did you note the hint, mommy? Just checking. HINT.*

Randomness about my mommy and my friends!

When mom makes me subs, she makes one for Miranda.
Kris gets my juice box and shares his fries. =3
Hannah gets bagels on bagel days.
Paulina reads the notes from mommy aloud.
Shishi brags about having met my mommy.
Darcy still claims that she's mom's favorite. Tch. Lies.
I'm sure there's more, but I can't think right now. I smell dinner. Yummmmm....

For whoever actually read all that...

Dude, your awesome.
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