Invading mommy's blog.

Of course just my own blog wasn't enough; I just HAD to go and post on Mom's too. Well, she asked me to, but still.

Casey (minidddiva) already talked about the wonder that is Tiramisu coffee creamer. But it's so fabulous that I just have to add on. I like my coffee two ways: either black or with more stuff in it than most people can bear. I just tried the creamer yesterday evening, and, well... most of it's gone now. It's not my fault it's yummy, is it? I blame Coffee-Mate. Just like I blame Misters Ben and Jerry for my overactive ice cream eating, and Quaker for my rice cake intake.
Speaking of rice cakes--Y.U.M. You would think that they'd be nasty--who wants cake made of rice? Well, I do. They come in all sorts of flavors--cheese, caramel, chocolate, cinnamon toast, you name it--but my very favorite is just the lightly salted flavor. Theoretically, you could probably put something on them, but I munch on 'em. I'm pretty sure that they're healthier than your average serving of potato chips, and they're yummier.
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