Fall Cleaning

As the air gets nippier and darkness comes earlier, I feel the need to get my house in order.
Arkansas does not have seasons as distinct as some places, and I miss the glory that is the turning of the leaves that is New England, but I do feel the need for change.
I am in the midst of a major overhaul in my home and I am also planning on updating my blog to make the posts easier to access and less all over the place.
I have a disdain for clutter (I know, I know, and I still had all these kids and dogs... and yes, mama, I know I'm a slob comparatively ;-) ) so am going to be deleting the obsolete crap and making the ones I keep easier to access... I hope... I am going to try my best anyways.
I will be getting to each and every one of you kind enough to comment on my blog, and I will try to do it in a relatively timely manner.
I ask for your understanding if it is not as quickly as others respond as the need to reorganize has overtaken any other priorities except my family and unfortunately with my illness it takes me a lot longer to do these things than it used to.
I appreciate you, more than I can possibly say.

Much love and many blessings,
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