Celebrating SITSta-hood

I've posted about SITS before, and I am sure I'll post again, but I am posting today for a purpose... and not just to win some of the fabulous prizes that are up for grabs during the SITS blogathon.
SITS, aka The Secret is in the Sauce is a site started by Heather and Tiffany to support your fellow bloggers by leaving some comment love.

If you have a blog, you probably know that sometimes it feels like you are talking to yourself. Or maybe that is just me and y'all have wildly popular #1 in Google Rankings blogs. Regardless, the concept is brilliant.

Every weekday a new blog is highlighted and SITS members sign in for roll-call and leave a comment (or several if you are like me) for the featured blogger.

I have found so many wonderful blogs that I now read on a regular basis- today I will tell you about 5 of them. Yes, it is hard to limit myself to just 5, but I am going to play along with the spirit of the blogathon.

These are in no particular order, just 5 blogs that I learned about through SITS that I really think you will enjoy.

The one thing they all have in common is that they are so very gracious and they inspire me in some way.

A Little Loveliness: I want to be like Melissa if I ever grow up. She truly gets the little things that mean so much. Beautifully decorated tables and delicious looking foods to celebrate life, the little moments and the large.

Party In Pink: I found this blog not too long ago - you guessed it, through SITS and let me tell you, if you aren't inspired by the creativity on her blog then I don't think you will find inspiration anywhere.

Keeper of the Skies Wife: A life well lived is what you will find on this blog. Love for family and getting used to a new time in life is what shines through clearly to me. When I log on each day I check to see if there is a new post from Betty.

Made with Love and Glue Lots of Glue: Beautiful and fun. I love looking at the ideas and beautiful pictures on this blog.

Mrs Mouthy: If you can get past the fact that you need to sign into a Window's Live account to comment, you so need to check out this blog. It is one of my newer obsessions, she's so fun, the kind of mom you hope you had or hope you are for your kids.

Okay, there are so very many blogs that I read and enjoy, I wish I didn't have to pick and choose because every single one is worth checking out. If you have some extra time, just start clicking on the list of blogs I read... I can promise you won't be disappointed.

If you blog and aren't a member of SITS, you really need to check it out. You will be made to feel so welcome and no matter what your tastes and interests, you will find kindred spirits among the SITSta's.

If that wasn't reason enough to join, they also have regular giveaways!!!

Do yourself a favor and check out SITS and their sister site Saucy Eats.

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