Bless you for hanging in there. Halloween foods, request.

Sometimes I think I am the most boring blogger on the planet. My brain has literally shut down lately and I can't think of a thing to say. I will read all these clever blog posts and think why the heck do people read my blog (I mean the few of you God love you who aren't related). God Bless You, every one of you.
Oh sure, life goes on but at the moment it seems like it is cook, clean, run the girls here, drop them off there, do laundry, do more laundry, do still more laundry ad infinitum. Did I mention the laundry? I swear when I am not actually doing laundry I am dreaming about doing laundry.
Things are actually going well minus the allergy and sinus issues. Play rehearsals are going fabulously for the little divas- they both of course thrive on drama. ;-)
Kyra has a job making diaper baskets for baby showers 20 hours a week so we have the little guy a couple days a week to spoil rotten- err I mean make watch educational crap and eat only healthy foods.
I've been winning a lot lately, finally (almost) have my win list updated and I have 23 notices of wins in my emails that I won't post until they are in hand. Not bad, not bad at all. Oh, one I will tell y'all about.
I won one of the weekly prizes in a picture of your lunchbox contest from one of the bento lunches I made for the littles and the prize is a stainless steel bento box so the little divas can take hot foods as well. I know my pics are not great and we don't have the lighting worked out right on this camera for in the house, so I am really happy to have won it. :)
I miss my mommy ALOT. ALOT ALOT ALOT! It's so not fair she is so far away, I don't care how old I get I need my mommy.
Not sure why I haven't been posting my dinners or anything, our meals have been a lot more creative now that it is cooler and I am not melting the minute I even think about turning the oven on.
The littlest diva is co-hosting a Halloween party and we are in charge of all the food. I've been looking for fun things to make for that- not too babyish but still fun.
So far I am planning pumpkin roll (this always gets raves but I am thinking of doing this one covered in icing and made like a dead tree limb with gross gummy bugs coming out of it), dirt & worms or a graveyard cake with peep ghosts, freezing an ice hand in a claw shape for the punch bowl, and making pumpkin & gingerbread biscotti, and fall flavored coffee drinks.
Yes, I know not everyone lets their kids have coffee at 15, but we can't function without it and, well, without a little indulgence in your life what's the point.
I think that the pumpkins that you put something in-usually ghoulash (pun intended) or whatever are cute but not sure if that would go over well or we should just stick to finger-foods like sandwiches cut into tombstones and mummy-wrapped dogs.
If anyone has any more ideas, please, please let me know, the girls are really excited about this and I'd like to make it extra special for them.
I've been looking at some sites, and finding a lot of neat things, but not a ton for teens. Hehe I might just make a Halloween page with all the links I've found, there are some really good ones out there.
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