Somebody please hand me my tiara. Tuesdey Toot.

You guys know I am the head dictator of the loonyverse. And the glitter queen. And the dork that flutters and dances and prances through the parking lots.
But. But. But. Did you know I am *drumroll please* the featured mom of the week over on From Dates to Diapers and Beyond! ? Yep, little ol' modest, humble me.
If you are a mom or run a mom business or know someone who does who deserves a moment to shine (that means every single mom in the world) then go on over and let them know who you'd like considered.
Trust me, it's a very big deal. Seriously, big enough that it deserves sparkles.
Oh, and while you're there, if you could leave a little comment love so that they don't think I am some loser and they made a mistake that would be great- I mean, I don't know what they'd do but I don't want to risk losing my first time ever featured mom spot.
See that family? ME! Mom of the week and I didn't even make it up.
If that weren't enough, I have also received *louder drumroll please* a chef guy award over on Family Corner for my recipe for Bleu Cheese Chicken.
I will have more to say, but I have to run to the craft store because the littlest diva aka school and art supply thief used up all the glitter and I need a LOT of glitter to make a suitable crown for the occasion.
P.S. Yes, mom, I KNOW every time you come you find shiny little sparkles from projects long past. I can deal with that, I love me some glitter and shiny sparklies.
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