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I am in a babbling kind of mood so just remember you were warned- there is no telling what I'm going to come up with, just gonna let the words fly... hopefully this time my brain will be ahead of my fingers, but no guarantees.
We had a lovely weekend. I feel really good, better than I have in a while and we just really had a nice time as a family.
I am not sure if I have mentioned it here or not but I have the best mother-in-law ever. Seriously. And she doesn't have or want a computer so I'm not saying this to gain points. I am a mama's girl, big time, and since my meanie mommy won't live near me I have to make do with visits (yes we have her eternally dibbed for the holidays) it really helps that I have Gram. Doris Claflin is the most amazing woman. She's widowed now but was married to the love of her life. Fred was an amazing man, and I didn't know him for many years, but we connected. How can you not love someone who tells you I don't know what my son did but don't you let him do anything to even come close to losing you again, you're the best thing that ever happened to him and everyone knows it.
Doris, or Dodie is the sweetest woman on the planet. If I couldn't have my own mama for some reason I'd pick her. Everyone loves her. She doesn't judge and loves her family passionately. To get to the point, we had a lovely visit. The thing I hate most about going in the hospital is how upset she and my mom get. I hate them worrying. She was so happy to see me looking so well, so that made a happy time right there, but we stayed and talked for quite a while.
I totally lucked out in the in-law dept this time, as there is not one of them I don't like.
My blood family is kind of uhh divided and we have some we love, some we ruthlessly cut out to avoid the drama. Hear that Tracy??? You can cut the strings and make your own family with people you love who love you right back. Love you my sissy but LOSE THE DRAMA!!! *smirks*
Hey that goes for Trina too. One of my best friends, not my sister-in-law. Let the losers loose and make your family. P.S. I love you my Dallas!!!
Anyways our weekend. We made amazing cookies- I am taking credit since I asked Dawn to make them. Oatmeal Craisin. OMG are they good. Use the Quaker Old Fashioned Oats (don't substitute), recipe inside lid and real butter. Substitute Craisins for raisins. Heaven! Only once were we able to find the orange flavored Craisins, at Sam's but wow those were to die for good, so if you can find the orange flavored ones use those, if not the others are really great too. She made a double batch and we are baking them up fresh each day. Today's will be the last of them, but we got more of everything so might just have to make another double batch. Although I promised Bugaboo I'd make her some of her favorite coconut granola. And some with chocolate chips for Devii. Hehe never can the diva's want the same thing, or hardly ever.
We went to New China for dinner on Saturday. We tend to end up there because it is a huge all-you-can-eat buffet and we all have things we can eat and it is reasonably priced.
We tried to watch Chuck and Larry. YUCK! We kept thinking it had to get better but not only was it what I call "dumb boy humor" it was very bigoted and stereotypical. I'm sorry but I just don't think there is a redeeming quality when they use the word fagot to describe a homosexual. And Adam Sandler's character was just a PIG in the worst possible sense of the word. None of us liked it although to be fair we only watched for about half an hour before we decided to end the self-inflicted torture.
Yesterday had Kyra drop my honey-pie off. We walked up to Gram's to bring her some cookies (yes it is nice she lives maybe half a mile away. She was so happy to see us (or maybe just have the excuse to put off her cleaning for a while). I hope to make it a more regular thing, walking up there, when it is not too dang hot out. They drive like maniacs around here, I won't let my kids walk alone, but I figure if we go as a family we're pretty safe. We played bubbles (OMG how fun is watching kids and dogs with bubbles- seriously something SO cheap is better than any therapy or medicine out there.)
There was a wreck this weekend of some sort (we live on a corner in the middle of nowhere, but it is a pretty dangerous corner I guess judging by the wrecks and near-misses). The winter, especially, there is a lot of unauthorized ditch diving.
Gak I miss my mommy so much. (Go ahead and say it- mama's girl, mama's girl, I don't care if that does make me a weenie). If I ever (when I ever) win enough I am moving back to my mommy.
She is doing soooooooo well after her hysterectomy. Felt better immediately, none of the 6 weeks of hell crap for her. YAY! You don't know how that relieves me- do you know how hard it is to be far away from the ones you love when they are in pain? (SHUT UP MOM)
She ordered me a couple of books from Amazon and it is sooo much cheaper to buy through there. I can't wait to get them in. They are self-improvement, so as they involve ME! I know I will love them. Maybe I'll even get ambitious enough to do reviews. Time will tell.
Enough babbling, don'tcha think? I really feel the need to win something so I think I'll hop on over to OLS and enter, enter, enter.
Oh and I need to put up the pics on my bento blog- I finally made some more now that I am back to ME again. Later though, enough blogging for now.
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