Mommy, Mourning my freezer & dishwasher, Doing our part to stimulate the local economy

My mommy is so darn cute. She's the hottie in the light blue shirt in the family pics. But that is totally besides the point. I swear I did not have to pay my mother for all those nice comments.
You all know I am technologically challenged. Well... compared to her I am a genius. Seriously. Like Geek Squad should have me on speed dial genius.
She calls me for tech support because all the kids and grandkids who love her beyond measure get so frustrated with her they want to pop her upside the head. Hard.
Anyways she set up an account so she could leave me messages. She forgot what she used to sign in and it took us weeks to realize she needs to use her email not just her nickname (the poet just in case you missed it).
All I can say is hahahahahaha momma I love you more than anything but Lordy you astound me sometimes.
Lucky for me it'll be another twenty years before she gets a blog of her own to tell all the my daughter is a genius (meant very *snarcastically of course) stories.
*snarcastic is our newest made up word- it is a cross between snarky and sarcastic, two of my best things.
Honestly, I know you've done it too... something so idiotic you think to yourself OMG and they let me loose in public, what is the world coming to?

Had a very huge Uh-oh today. The big freezer (I am not sure of the size it is the biggest upright Lowe's sells) croaked. When I say you would be hard-pressed to fit a Popsicle in there I am not exaggerating.
It is still running/blowing cold, just not cold enough.
Luckily for me I live near a huge amount of family. Since the fridge and little freezer were equally crammed, we called in the troops and nephew Jacob and sister Bonnie and of course Kyra came to the rescue.
Boxes and boxes and bags and bags. We did have one of the big green force-flex bag full of casualties. All of the ice-cream. (Okay that was really, really sad). The bottom shelf- mostly meat- I guess that probably went first as it looked like it had defrosted and refroze more than once and I didn't even trust it enough to cook it up for the dogs.
About 2/3 of what was left was still frozen and the last third still partially frozen or very cold and should be okay as long as it was cooked today.
We kept a few things but mostly we are very, very grateful we live near a lot of people who can help us use it up. Both Bonnie and Kyra have people in their lives that this extra food will be a true blessing to right now.
This is one way to get your freezer cleaned out, but not really the way I prefer to do it. Lucky for me Ken and I stopped off after dropping his car off at the mechanic to pick up a few things and Dawn noticed it when she was going to put it away. It would have really hurt if we had lost it all.
Jake was so funny watching- honestly, I am sure he believed Dawn when she told him they all think I starved to death in a past life.
Hello, my name is Sherry and I am a hoarder.
There was meat LOTS of meat, fruits and veggies, breads, you name it. But. It was pretty much all bought at the lowest possible sale price. That is the best part about stockpiling. Granted you take a hit when something like this happens, but it was not a very hard hit in the grand scheme of things and even Jacob was thrilled- not the brisket or the mango, the wings or the steaks... nope it was the little mini pancakes I got for next to nothing.
Our dishwasher also bit the dust not too long ago and we've just had so much going on that replacing it kept getting put off but now... you all know another trip to Lowe's is happening this week.
Oh, and lest you jump to conclusions, the blonde had nothing to do with the death of either appliance. Remember the oven fiasco? This time she has airtight alibis for both instances.

Life is good, and yep, once more we will be doing our part to keep the local economy in tip-top-shape getting our dishwasher and freezer then restocking. So, what's going on in your neck of the woods?
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