Making the most of your freebies or crowning the new Grand Poo-Bah.

We love getting freebies. Trying new products, making our dollars stretch just a little bit further.

Being super-dorks, though, means that when we get some interesting ones- like the latest promotion from Febreze for pets (and yes, we can sure use that with 5 dogs), we will find a way to use that freebie that the sponsors never intended.

Devii put the little collapsable bowl thingy on her head and used the paw shaped scoop as her sceptor.

After we got done laughing our butts off, we decided she looked like the Grand Poo-Bah from the boys lodge on the old Flinstones cartoons.

They say a picture says a thousand words... sorry this isn't clearer, but we just couldn't resist. Have fun laughing at my girl- the Grand Poo-Bah of Febreze. We sure did.
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