Baby think it over.

Ugh! Dev has the animatronic nightmare home for the night. It is supposed to stop kids from wanting to get pregnant. With my kids and their friends there is mixed reaction- those who really know what it is like to be around babies for long stretches hate the thing, those who don't have huge families or babysitting jobs coo and fuss.
Guess where my kids fall? Yep, the I hate this thing why are they torturing me, you know if I have kids I am waiting til after I have a stable career and/or I am way too selfish to want a kid you have to give them the unbroken chips or the favorite piece of chicken or you know the things you do mom group.
To make it worse a well-meaning teacher told one kid who has sports and things scheduled every day this week tells them well do what I do get up at 6 feed and dress then get the kid to the sitter then pick it up at 6:30 and... umm sure well give me your salary and I too can afford a sitter. For now I am a 14 or 15 year old kid.
While I do think it is great to want to show them that teen pregnancy isn't necessarily a path they want to pursue at this point it fails on many levels. Honestly they see their exhausted peers dragging their butts into class day after day and not being able to socialize they have a much better idea than 24 hours of a whining, fussy doll.
Let the kids who are doing it day in and day out and living with the consequences of their actions talk to them for an hour and tell them what the reality is to try to make a good life for themselves and their children talk to them for an hour. I expect they would have a much more realistic picture of what a foolish choice or two could bring.
Devii is blogging about it now- if you are interested the littlest diva is blogging about it now as well- her link is on my blog list- you'd probably never figure it out but it's the mini loonyverse. She intends to do an initial reaction then an after the firsthand experience- she has been around the doll before so she has some knowledge, but this is her first time with the "spawn of Satan" as she calls it.
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