Wall St Journal Interview, Dell Hybrid review, first week of school

Things have been pretty busy around here with school starting back up and all, but figured I'd just cram everything into one post.

First off, I am LOVE-LOVE-LOVING my new Dell Hybrid. It is cute (all important around here), fast, easy to use, has a clear sharp picture, has a tiny cpu, quiet, made from recycled materials and uses less energy.

I understand that for gamers not having the ability to add better graphics cards would make it pretty useless to them if they played any high performance games at at all *waves hi to Dawn*, but for normal computer use, it's wonderful. Did I mention how cute it is?

I chose it over a laptop for many reasons- I LIKE having a desk/office area, I wanted a bigger monitor (I upgraded to a 20"- 19" is standard), and I like using a separate keyboard and mouse anyways. When we went on vacation we opted not to bring computers but I am sure that if I needed one the girls would happily (yeah, right) loan me theirs. Okay I'd have to bribe them, but it could be done.

Enough about that, if you're in the market check out the Dell Hybrid.

Oh, something kinda cool happened. The other day I just did a quick rant and mentioned my new computer- I had an email from a Wall Street Journal reporter asking for an interview- he's doing an article on who's buying green computers/gadgets and why. He called today and we had a nice chat- I'm sure I came across as a total dork- I have mentioned repeatedly on this blog and everyone who knows me knows I despise talking on the phone, so no edits or do-overs. Hopefully he has enough compassion not to make me sound like the total doofus I can be. ;-) It was pretty fun and I think he was pretty interested in the fact that the littlest diva is the one pushing/promoting going green and dragging the rest of us along with her. Maybe he'll mention her and make her day.

We've been spending a lot of time with Kyra and Ian lately. Yesterday took them and Dawn to Ryan's Steakhouse- I have not been in a few years as the few times before we stopped going were just very poor quality- everything was in a casserole or drowning in gravy or fried, even the vegetables. We had planned on going to a pizza buffet the kids found the other day but it had closed by then, and we couldn't decide what we wanted and one thing led to another and we figured at least the ice cream/dessert bar would be good.

Well, the food was much better and we had a fabulous waitress. The ice-cream was a huge let-down, though. In the soft-serve part they had butter pecan and strawberry. Hello, who eats that on their apple pie or cobbler? They also had Edy's in a huge vat, but the only flavor was strawberry.
Ian liked the goodies (actually he liked the fruit the most, go, Ian) but auntie and I also took him up and got him dessert- gummy bears, m&m's a tiny scoop of strawberry and a tiny wedge of chocolate cake.

He had some fun with that but the cake- well, he liked when Gigi (me) swiped the whipped topping onto the pinky and fed him.

He was such a good boy, so polite and well mannered. Oh, kinda funny- he has a ball obsession, and they had one by the gumball machines so we told him on the way out- well his mama got him a plate of food, then when I got my salad I got him a fruit plate and he was treating the grapes like balls wanting auntie to play with him (he didn't make a huge mess just a couple and we kept laughing - when we told him no he stopped) but he lobbed a couple at Dawn first. Hehe
He was so good we got him the ball from the machine, then had to hit Wally World so I told him he was such a sweetie pie I'd get him something (naturally he wanted a ball) got him a Nerf football- HA the boy ATE a big chunk out of it shortly after we got back to my house! Funny, really, but not. The big exercise ball we got is so far so good, but Cin popped the last one. We'll see how long this one lasts.

We stopped at Shake's (it's a drive-thru) for GOOD ice-cream and got a Diet Coke float for the ride home- picked up sundaes for the rest of us- well, I ordered Dev a banana split- YUCK way too banana-ey. So anyways, I ended up with only a couple of bites so when Kyra needed to run to the store today I gave her some money for more (and another ball for Ian). YUMMY they use the old fashioned soft custard it is oh, so good! Oh, btw if you live near here (or any Shake's) do NOT get the nuts on your sundaes. They used whole nuts and way too many of them. I mean they were pecans, and they were good, but not like that on a sundae. Would have been much better if they were just a light sprinkling like most places use.

A while ago, I won a make-up prize pkg from Lucky Mag/Max Factor. There was some kind of mix-up and more people got told they won than actually did. They made it right, in my opinion, by sending partial packs and $25 gc's to Drugstore.com.

Apparently they decided to go one better for the original winners because yesterday I got a box from Fed-ex that had the original prize in it. A lot of really nice stuff that the little diva's are having a blast playing with. I love when sponsors go above and beyond and you can bet that I will make sure that everyone knows Max Factor and Lucky Mag are great companies to deal with. Oh, and the make-up is in minimal packaging YAY! a bit hard to open but totally worth it. Nice quality make-up, too. Pretty colors.

Kyra and Ian are here today because a tree is attacking them. Actually it is storming (or was) and a tree fell and bashed in the downstairs neighbors storm door and dented the regular one. The rest of the tree, if it goes down either hits Ki's living or bedroom windows.

Made a huge pot of spaghetti sauce (gravy to some of you) yesterday and had it with meatballs. Let it simmer down in the crock pot all night and part of today since I like it cooked longer than we had time for and will be making lasagna tonight- I asked Dawn if she thought it was too soon since we just had spaghetti and you would have thought I grew antenna or sprouted an extra eyeball at the look she gave me- apparently, it is never a bad time for lasagna.

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