My Grandson, The Sweetie Pie

When last we blogged we told the story of the hellion who is my grandson. I've been informed that it's not really right to only show one side so today I'll give you the sweet side of Ian.
NO, I am not going to say he's cute and leave it at that. What do you think I am? I want to keep my membership in the gramma club. Hehe.
Actually if you don't see him often you might be tempted to think he's two different kids because he really does have a side that is so sweet and loving you would think it couldn't possibly come from the same holy terror described in My grandson, the evil genius.
When Ian is happy, he's the happiest kid you have ever seen. Gut-busting belly laughs. Hugs and kisses galore. That hint of mischief that keeps him from being too perfect.
My little red-headed boy is such a sweetheart.
He loves to share, especially with the dogs. He plays well with others, waits his turn and is pretty patient when we go out shopping even when we look at grown-up things.
I have learned not to let him share food with me because he tries to stick all kinds of gross things in your mouth. His mama did that too... sucked the dip off chips or veggies then stuck them in peoples mouths. Not mine Thank God! Others are not so fortunate, but I won't mention names
He loves those really soft blankets and when he wants to cuddle he'll drag one over to you with one or another of his stuffed animals.
He has a baby doll that he treats so gently and takes such good care of, like it's a real baby.
He loves to curl up with the dogs and tell them stories.
He will bring his current favorite obsession (toy, book, whatever) and hand it to you and give you the most adorable smile, like he's saying 'here I love this, and I love you enough to let you play with it'.
He is very concerned about the well-being and safety of animals.
***Warning: cute story- awww moment alert***
The other day it was storming and Kyra was at her condo with Ian.
The little guy kept getting more and more upset, and looking out the window.
As storms have never bothered him before she didn't know what was wrong so Ki asked him to tell her.
After a few minutes he pointed to the window and said "moo... moo..." in the saddest little voice.
(Behind their condo is a field or pasture or some country type thing and they have some cows that graze there.)
Kyra explained to him that it was okay, that that was how cows took their baths since they couldn't fit in the tub. (She's such a good little mama.)
He cheered right up and every time he heard thunder he would get a big smile and say "moo-bath, moo-bath".
Adorble, sweet things like that are why we keep him- err I mean why we love him so darn much. That and he gives the best smoocheroozles ever.
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