First bento lunches - lessons learned

For my first attempt at packing bento boxes, I think I did fairly decent.

They looked cute, we remembered to take pics (oops- Dawn says the lighting thingy was out of whack- she'll make sure it is right next time), and I had a pretty good variety of things they liked.
This is Casey's bento lunch. It has 3 mini lemon-poppyseed muffins, goldfish crackers, cut up strawberry and blueberry kabob, swiss roll sliced to resemble sushi, pineapple salad on butter lettuce leaves with pineapple, shredded cheddar and maraschino cherries. Baby salad shrimp, cucumber flowers, Babybel cheese and baby carrots.

This is Devon's bento lunch- It has goldfish crackers, Babybel cheese, pineapple salad on baby spinach leaves with pineapple, dollop of mayo, shredded cheddar and maraschino cherries.
Baby carrots and cucumber flowers, asparagus spears wrapped with prosciutto, cut up strawberry, blueberry kabobs, swiss roll cut into thirds to resemble sushi and mini lemon-poppyseed muffins.

Now on to the lessons learned.

When sending Goldfish, send in a covered container (I had them in muffin liners) because they all jumped ship and mingled with all the other foods.

When making blondie's pineapple salad, shred the lettuce- while the leaves looked nice, they were impossible to eat with chopsticks.

Salad shrimp is too bland to eat on it's own. Somehow I guess I thought it would be like the shrimp she likes from the buffet at New China or the rings we buy from Kroger- she doesn't use any sauce or anything, but apparently these are just blah.

Dev had not eaten prosciutto before (I guess she wasn't here the other times we had gotten it) and thought I had sent her with undercooked/raw bacon or ham or something and was too scared to eat it. She tried it at home and knows she won't die or get poisoned. LOL

Miss Picky wants either grapes or apples with her Babybel- what was I thinking?

My girls are not used to carrying something like this carefully and while they tried they were NOT as pretty as they could have been- I think I either need to get new bento boxes that I can pack tighter (and I am NOT just saying that cuz they have some really really cute ones like Hello Kitty) or find some way to stabilize- maybe saran wrap or something.

All in all I am pretty pleased that my first attempt came out as well as it did. Hopefully my lunches (and photos) will get better as we go along.

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  1. what a special mommy you are to some special kiddies! They turned out WONDERFUL and look SO yum. You are shipping me 8 of these for Christmas right?

  2. Oh heavens, the amount of time and energy this must take! Will you be my mom? They look absolutely delicious!

  3. What does the lid look like? This is a REAL bento, but maybe not for travel?