Breaking Dawn Review- no spoilers- pics of Midnight Release- Update

After all of the hype and hooplah it is finally here.
In the words of the blonde-

"I didn't think anything could be worse than the second book but it was- way worse.

It was like a really bad fanfic only more disappointing because you expected more from Stephenie Meyer.
All of those things you said couldn't possibly happen.
Anyone who likes it is out of my (Casey's) elite circle of friends."

They had a good time at the midnight release at Hastings last night, then went to the 24 hour Wal Mart to get some sustenance and found the book with no lines, no waiting and $2 cheaper. Oh well, at least they had some quality sister time and met up with several of their friends.
I'm sure that Devon will have a review on her blog when she's finished, and I'll be posting the short version (liked or hated) here.
Well, I hope you all liked it more than the little critic did. She is glad she read it and didn't tell her sister not to, but she did say have something handy to punch.
All in all a disappointment but it is one of those things- we HAD to have it and even those of us still waiting will read to see how bad it is for ourselves.
Hehe Dev keeps running to Casey's room saying nooooooooooooo or OMG OMG how could she have or can you believe...(I tune out here.) Well, either Stephenie Meyer has lost her magic touch or we're in the minority. What did you all think?
UPDATE: Okay I had to wait til today since I had isp problems last night- the littlest diva got her review in over on her blog and would LOVE to hear what everyone else has to say. ***WARNING*** Her review does contain spoilers so don't read it unless you have already finished or are not planning to read it. It is pretty interesting all in all to see her viewpoint on it. All I will say at this point is the two littles have given it two thumbs way down.
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