Back to school torture

Things have been crazy busy or super lazy here. Yep, we go to extremes.
School starts Monday (and even the littlest diva is NOT looking forward to it). She likes school okay but she HATES waking up. We are NOT morning people around here.
Naturally they can't be like most of their friends and wake themselves and get ready and whatnot, I have to get up at 6 am, tell them it's started and get the mini-diva up at 6:20, tell the littlest diva at 6:20, 6:30 and 6:40.
The mini-diva does her hair and makeup and whatnot, but the littlest will try to catch that last second of sleep. They take their showers at night because they a) can't imagine sleeping with the grime of the day on them and b) could NEVER get it together enough at 5 am to start the process.
During all of these wake up calls I pack lunchboxes (we are super excited to be using Bento Boxes at least twice a week this year, we'll show pics and whatnot later). I have everything prepped the night before that I can and just toss them in and write their notes and whatever.
I also have to find them breakfast (usually something simple, toast, bagel, granola bar, whatnot, but sometimes they want an egg or pancake or Hello Kitty waffle).
We ALL drink as much caffeine as possible. I know what they say and all I can say is... it has been proven statistically that everyone who has cancer has lived, therefore living causes cancer. Ergo, something is going to get me I am NOT giving up something that makes it possible to function for some stupid stats that someone will come back 10 years later with some completely different stats. We do the best we can (mostly in moderation) but what works for you won't necessarily work for us and vice-versa.
They are shoveling it in as they run back and forth getting ready because the last thing they do is brush their teeth and grab mints or gum- you'll remember we are rather fanatic about smelling our best around here. ;)
We have buckets that they are supposed to put all their crap in under the plant table by the front door and in theory it is a great idea having all of their stuff ready the night before except the lunchboxes that I add in the mornings, but Dev usually decides she wants different shoes or forgot to have this or that signed or doesn't need this book after all or ... you get the idea.
At 6:57 they are racing out the door and down the driveway. The bus driver is supposed to come between 7 and 7:10 but he's got it into his head he needs to beat his previous times and seems to get earlier and earlier as the days and years go by. He's even forgotten the kids. Yes, well, what can you do, right? Fun, fun.
Mondays are hell for us. We are mean and cranky and snappy and just want our dang weekends back because no matter how good our intentions, we get whacked out on our schedule on the weekends. It's just how it is.
The rest of the weekday mornings are not always fun, but it is usually not near as bad as Monday. The thing is we TRY to be polite and cheerful and then whoever is listening starts snapping like you have a nerve trying to be perky and upbeat you know we are getting up at this godawful hour for TORTURE (aka school).
Ahhhhhh yes, schooldays in the Loonyverse are a sight to behold.
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