Whoever Said Dogs Don't Sweat... LIED!

Technically, maybe it is not sweat. But pansies that my dogs are they go outside to do their business then come right back into the air conditioned comfort of our home. They come back in reeking! Maybe I am hypersensitive to unpleasant odors, but you know that smell that little kids get when they have been playing hard outside for hours. The one that is not quite like when we lived in Alaska and whenever someone a little less meticulous than we are and had some vile body odor that made you gag when they passed by. That's the one. That is how my dogs smell after two minutes out in this hideously oppressive heat.
Now, I know dogs aren't going to smell like people (well we don't care for dog shampoo smell so mostly ours smell like either the Nexxus I use or whatever one of the girls whose turn it is to bathe them can use without another sister finding out and killing them) but that yummy smell goes away since it is bad to bathe them daily... but they don't usually STINK.
It goes away when they cool back down but ewwwwwwwwww I can barely stand to be around them until it passes. Can we say NASTY!!!
Why is it the nastier they smell the more they feel the need to come say hello to mommy? Just like human kids. Okay this probably sounds bad but we have this thing... hehe yes we have a lot of things... anyways if someone gives you "THE LOOK" and a number drop whatever you are doing and run, don't walk, to the shower because you have a stench factor. Usually it is after they have been on the school bus and the AC wasn't working and they've been sitting next to a bunch of sweating teens and tweens or something like that when they will get busted.
I know some people are opposed to deodorant but if I was ever stuck on a deserted island and could only take one thing, if they wouldn't let me pick a fully stocked, fully staffed, fully functioning cruise ship I would bring a lifetime supply of Degree Deodorant.
What can I say- I was the one handing my kids back to the nurses and saying help me to the shower the minute I saw they were healthy and had all their fingers and toes.
And I am rambling. So, anyone know any good cures for smelly pups that doesn't involve bathing them and ruining their skin every time they come back in the house?
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