Pick your own orchard, nature

Nature and diva's don't mix. Period. Well unless it is at the ocean.
We went to Collin's Orchard here in Conway yesterday and it was really fun. But. You knew that was coming, right?
Ever since I got home, nosebleeds and sinus/allergy pain & pressure.
We had a seriously good time, though. Nectarines and peaches are in season- there were like 6 different kinds of peaches ripe- the white ones are the sweetest and it was so funny. Kyra bit into one and then held it for Ian to take a bite and instead he sipped the dang thing, it was that juicy.
We also ended up with regular and Japanese eggplant, white scalloped squash, peppers, cukes and baby grape tomatoes. Prices were better than anywhere else around here, we will definitely be going back.
While we were checking out a couple of different people came up asking about the corn- they had none left but apparently it is THAT good so we'll be back Friday morning unless something comes up to get that and a watermelon which will also be ripe then.
I did squeal when a stink bug landed on my Hello Kitty shades and then the stupid thing got on my shirt and wouldn't get off!!! so I started to panic but thank goodness my brave girls saved me.
Kyra and Ian spent the rest of the day with us- she made us a delicious peach cobbler that was just divine with some vanilla ice cream.
She also took some of the bounty home for their little family and her mother in law. I don't mind sharing but the kid did not take one of the more interesting specimen's my wonderful grandson picked. Next time he gets his own bag as he was not always gentle putting them in. Also some were overripe and others... so tiny they have no chance. Bwahahah he had fun and there is more than enough to go around I am teasing baby girl, you know that monkey boy can do very little wrong in a gigi's eyes.
I suck at putting pics in but we got some really cute ones of Ian with his aunties so am gonna try to put a few in here to share.
Hey mama!!! and sissy!!! You guys can say hi on here to me you know I don't bite (very hard or very often).
Oh, and T, mom said you have some pics of my great nieces so I can show everyone what a fabulous gene pool we come from so send them when you have a chance.
xoxoxoxoxox Love love everyone and thanks for reading. :)
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